Thursday 15 August 2019

ICYMI: Some Happy Things

Things are still a bit chaotic around here, so no real updates from me. The horses are happy and well, of news is good news :)

Proof of life. Also, not starving :)
 I thought I'd take a moment to share a few blog posts I've really enjoyed in the past bit. They serve as a really great counterpoint to all the negative news in the equestrian world of late. Get ready to smile!

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - Fraidy Cat Eventing. Emma and Charlie are inspiration and goals for everyone. Not only do they have a great partnership, it seems like not that long ago he was baby bronto-smashing crossrails. Check out the pictures now! 

TSC Dressage Show: First Level Debut - Two and A Half Horses. How impressive are these two? Cathryn's brought Annie along from green been to solid all around horse (check out their tail riding and jumping posts too!) and I'm always inspired because her equestrian life pretty closely mirrors mine in that we both live in pretty isolated communities  - I know how hard it can be to get everything from vet to hay to training. She's beyond dedicated!

Rated Second: Here We Come - Cob Jockey. Another awesome pair. They're going out and doing the thing and crushing goals, despite setbacks and Jen's hectic schedule.

EmTee Eventures. Just a vlog channel with some besties out eventing in the British countryside. I won't lie, being the grumpy human I can be some days the positive energy from these two is TOO much for me, but they're guaranteed to make you smile.

LWilliams got married! and the pictures are fantastic.

Liz Stout is living the dream, building a new barn and moving her horses home. Check out the progress photos, so cool. Also, her most recent ride recap is fantastic and goals for all of us.

Madigan's First Show. If anyone deserves to have a fantastic baby horse, it's Stephanie.

I'll stop here. I'm not intentionally leaving anyone out, but realistically if I include everyone's posts I've been inspired by even in the last month or two, we'd be here a very, very long time. Originally, I was going to include some articles on mindset and some accomplishments of some real life friends, but we'll stick to you guys, otherwise I'd be writing a novel :)

We'll finish with another ferry scene from last night, for Lytha



  1. Love that list! Thanks for the shoutout :)

  2. Aww thanks for including my wedding post! I can't wait to see the professional photos and share them with you guys!

  3. aw i love the roundup of positive, happy, feel-good happenings! and thanks for the shoutout! it's so easy to get sucked into the vortex of drama and negativity, but there really are good things happening too ;)

  4. Thank you. No one here can fathom the PNW/BC's spectacular beauty, unless they've visited, and most here go to New York or Grand Canyon. The other day I saw a boat in a parking lot. A BOAT! It was covered in grunge from being parked there forever but I was so happy to just see a boat. I wanted to wash it and put it in....what water? *sigh*

    My uncle invited us to switch homes at some point, he'd live in our house in Germany (and care for a HORSE? Oh dear.) but we'd get to stay where he lives - on a boat in Seattle! J's sabbatical year is coming up 2021.......(and we need someone who knows horses to AirBnB here, illegal it may be here...)

    I also miss the Milky Way. Germany has no window on it. There are Germans who have never seen it. Just like all those Germans who've never had a taco. *lol*