Friday 2 August 2019

A Bedtime Story

When we last visited our favorite princess pony she was in the grip of an evil spell. Her Prince Charming had betrayed her and put her under his control. Winter had overtaken the land, and there was much sorrow.

Thankfully, there was still hope shining on the horizon.

In the nick of time, our intrepid blogger rescued the princess and separated her from her not so charming prince. Despite his best efforts to keep her under his spell, the distance was too great and by the very next day she forgot his charms. Happiness and calm reigned once more, and peace returned to the farm.

Even Mother Nature rejoiced, as the rains receded, summer resumed, and the pasture lands were restored to the ponies.

And everyone lived happily ever after. The end :)



  1. hahahaha that was a great bedtime story :) Poor Princess Sophie! :)

  2. What an amazing photo. She is indeeed a satiny glowing princess. But I'll steal Bridget if you leave the gate open.

    Dangit, I hate to say this but have you heard of the book DaVinci Code? "Princess Sophie" is a main character. The thing about this book - you'll actually be less intelligent after you read it, because it's so full of misinformation and massive amounts of fancy. Don't read this book! Don't pay Amazon Prime. I just liked the Princess Sophie character. *guilty*

  3. Clearly not so much true love on Sophie's part LOL

  4. Twu wuv....or not so much! Glad peace has returned.