Thursday 18 July 2019

Ponderings/To Do List (And A Lot Of Photos)

On paper, everything is going along pretty swimmingly in my little corner of the world.

I planted a bee garden this year and it makes us all happy :)

I do feel like it's not always 'real' though because a lot of the time I avoid bigger decisions and commitments that need to be made in order to keep the stress and commitment levels to a minimum. The problem with doing that is that of course the to do list things pile up further and further start to feel a little overwhelming. In my case, the 'things' are actually projects and ideas with potentially great returns!

When those feelings of being overwhelmed happen, I usually go for a ride.

I took a vacation day yesterday and rode AND got a picture :)

Realistically, though, I need to be accountable, have a plan and follow through before I find myself feeling trapped and unhappy.

So, where do I start? I think the smartest thing is to look after myself first and get things back on track fitness and diet wise so I am feeling better. It's a lot easier to get all the things done when you're feeling good. I've made this promise before here, so it's a bit embarrassing to put it out there again. News flash: I'm not perfect.

I'm really good at making time for the barn, and I enjoy it too, so I'm 99% certain I'm not going to book a training spot for S this fall and am going to do what I can myself.

Sophie was feeling left out yesterday.

The vintage vehicles the car club guys are nagging me to do something with are going to move to our garage at home, out of sight of of mind (for now)

Needs work

I need to redo my budget and schedule. I've volunteered for a couple for things recently, work is nuts, I want to train my pony, and summer just brings more activities and events to fit in. I find if I have a budget/schedule I get more done and worry less about saying no and prioritizing.

This scenic route commuting needs reevaluating too.

I found a farrier! So, we can cross the whole trimming the horses myself thing off. What a huge relief because I was spending far too many nights reading and worrying, and far too many hours making adjustments and overthinking it. For the record, farrier was not overly impressed with my work, but also she's seen professionals do worse, so small win? LOL

The rest can wait and involve some pretty big things I've been waffling over WAY TOO LONG.

Like building a barn and having the horses at home.
As for current happenings, there is a fun barrel race here Friday night. I may or may not take Bridget...she was a little footsore and very sluggish feeling yesterday so I'll see how she feels tonight before I make the call.

Sophie was also a slug yesterday. It was a bit muggy and thunderstorms were incoming, so I can hope that was the issue...please don't let me be making her dull!

The sunshine and warm weather has returned, so I also have plans of heading to the lake and floating around for an afternoon of not worrying. AFTER I check some items off the list, of course :D

One more garden pic because it's so bright and cheerful!



  1. i love all the photos!! B looks good ;) and yea i totally feel ya on working on feeling good myself in order to feel good about the rest of life. i tend to see it as a little bit of a cyclical thing tho, bc yea none of us are perfect LOL. good luck with all the plans and schedules and budgets and whatnot. fwiw i've had good luck with the mint app (esp with sustained use over time).

    1. The mint app can't find my bank :( But I know people who also love it! Lately on pay day I take out the amount of cash I've budgeted for gas/food/fun and pay for my daily expenses with that. I was finding it WAY too easy to tap my debit and credit card without much of a thought and the small purchases were adding up to more than I wanted.

  2. Summer is SUCH a busy time... it's hard to find time for everything. I kinda wish I was in school again bc summer vacation was the best, haha.

    1. I think summer vacation as an adult would be a sound decision, honestly. I'll never have enough paid vacation to make it a true reality, but I am sure enjoying my 3 day a week schedule I have for summer!

  3. Lovely photos! Hope all of your plans/schedules help you feel a bit more on top of things. I totally gave up on everything this spring with my injury and am just starting to get things on track now.

    There never seems to be enough time in the summer for the fun stuff!

  4. The to-do lists can be and often are never ending but finding even 30 minutes a day to do something healthy for yourself (like anymore when work stresses me out I tell myself to leave for the gym for at least 20 mins to screw my head back on straight before I kill someone) can help so much.