Friday 26 July 2019

Busy, Busy

I don't know what gives, but I've been on my own mini emotional struggle bus the past week or so. It's come at a bad time too, because someone close to me experienced very sad loss and so I want to be strong and supportive, not falling apart!

The great thing about horses is that they're pretty undemanding - especially when summer pasture is available as a distraction. The really cool thing about my horses is they know me well enough that I can show up to the barn happy or sad and towing along whatever baggage I've got from the day and they're  both very forgiving of that. I know its unfair to bring that to them, but I'm not a perfect human and they seem willing enough to help me out a little :)

Love this pony.

Circumstances have necessitated a week off riding and adventuring, which just couldn't be helped. Bridget of course didn't mind at all, poor Sophie is feeling pretty needy and looking for attention, though. I've been giving her as many scratches as I have time for, and of course she's out in a bigger field so she has plenty of room to wander and things to nibble on. She's been doing her best to follow me out the gate every day though and been devoting a lot of time to "helping" me clean her field, so I think she's a bit bored.

Watching G leave. She whinnies for him when he leaves. It's pretty sad, but it's working in her favour  because he's a softie and can't help but like her when she's so obviously loving him :)

Bridget and I snuck out for a ride tonight (Friday), which was wonderful. It's been really hot, but we caught a bit of a rain storm and everything just felt so fresh and cool. The forest smelled so green and amazing and B was SO happy to be out. A very much needed outing for the both of us, I think. I'm so lucky to have the horses I do. They're so people oriented and I think they both enjoy heading out for adventures even when their main human isn't necessarily feeling 100%.

I accidentally bought the pink SWAT so now she has fluorescent pink spots on her face. Better than flies, tho :)

B was feeling pretty lively, so we made a stop at the club grounds on our way home and played with some pseudo dressage moves. She's not fit or strong enough to ask for it to be perfect or really super connected, but we find fun in the work and I'd like to think some of it is still respectable. We played with haunches in and spirals in the canter, and used that to get a nice balanced canter to walk transition. B was feeling quite spicy and leaping back up into canter as we spiralled back out, and I just let it happen because why not - she's not pushy about it and was just having fun (I think she had barrel racing on her mind, since that's what we did on our last visit!). I got a few strides of passage-y trot, which fell apart when I tried to let it out forward again too sharply and let the power out the front. B is not that strong anymore, and my timing is off, and that's OK. We have fun and I'd like to think it's great practice for me riding Sophie  :)

Looking very golden and shiny, despite a week of grooming neglect. Also suddenly looking more mature!

On a related note, I brought my eventing vest home with me...because Sophie's been coming along so well and I can actually imagine getting on the banana pony at some point this summer. Not saying it will happen in the very near future, but at least now I've got the vest ready, just in case ;) I like the idea of really lightly backing her this fall,  then small trail adventures over the winter. I'd love to take her to a couple of small shows next summer as a four year old, but even with that she's still got growing to do and waiting until late winter/early spring to start her properly won't hurt anything. Maybe we wait even more and her first show is as a five year old, that's fine too!

I know the fences in this field look a bit haphazard...they are a little ugly because this used to be the garden and I think deer proof was the priority at the time. It's safe though, just not pretty. There is electric to keep her off it as well.

I'm not sure I'll get another ride in this weekend. I'm busy with family things, but such is life. I'm hoping for a return to normal next week. I miss my routine and look forward to getting back into a groove.



  1. Can we please have more pictures of your Rain Coast, emphasis on rain? I'm dying here. Choking on non-rain air that is thick with non-rain.

    If you're in BC I am starting to fantasize a visit, cuz Seattle's not so far. And my husband really likes BC. Wait. Does anyone *dislike* BC?

    1. Yes! Can you believe its been so sunny here I am looking forward to some rainy fall days?
      We're on the Sunshine Coast, one or two ferry rides from Vancouver depending how far off the beaten track you want to be. It's definitely a nice place to visit, has a feel a bit like some of the islands near Seattle, but of course we are still mainland so there are big mountains too :)

  2. I'm so excited for more Banana Pony adventures!!!

    1. Hopefully things will get more interesting soon! Although I feel like every time I say she's maturing, she takes that as an invite to be the silliest baby it may be a process :)

  3. The ebb and flow of the rider's life amirite