Tuesday 18 June 2019

25 Things You (Maybe) Don't Know About Me

I've had a slow week so it seemed an opportune time to post this. It's been in my drafts folder for quite a while!

Here's a few things you might not know about me:

1. I love restoring historic houses and have a super nerdy interest in architecture. My big life dream is to either find a great farmhouse to reno and live in forever or design and build the 'perfect' home on some acreage somewhere.

This floor took forever, but I still love it nearly 10 years later

2. I hate bananas. Bridget loves them.

3. Favorite color: Green

4. Favorite horse color: Bay

5. I'm super scared to fly on large planes, but I love tiny ones.

Our taxi this past week. So fun.

6. Favorite food: Mexican. Tacos if I have to choose just one item.

7.  I love vintage vehicles and during my only significant break from horses I became completely immersed in restoring a series of 60's vehicles. I still have a couple I plan to finish and drive one day so I can be a bad ass granny.

8. Favorite book: I am a huge reader, so this is a tough question. Maybe A River Runs Through It (Norman Maclean)

9. I'm easily bored in life. I've had jobs ranging from vet tech to park ranger to crane operator to my current role as a GIS Analyst. My hobbies and interests outside horses are equally random.

10. I'm a super introvert. Really I am quite content being left to my own devices and spending my spare time on interests and hobbies,  so I can't see myself being the life of the party any day soon.

11. As a kid, I worked at a trail riding barn from age 10 onwards, in exchange for a pony to ride. We were left to our own devices and had little to no supervision. It's actually kind of a miracle that no one got seriously hurt. Hard to imagine anything that that happening with insurance and child labour laws today :)

12. Irrational fears: Sharks. Orcas. Actually, swimming in the ocean in general.

I do like the view, though.

13. I took the time to teach my cat all the usual dog tricks. (Sit/stay/beg/heel/fetch/go over there/come here) I'm not even embarrased.

14. We never came up with a name for him, so 'Baby Kitty' stuck. I'm embarrassed about that.
BK. He comes running any time someone says "Baby". Its kind of unfortunate.

15. Prior to my pony love, I had a TB/percheron mare and a couple of Appendix AQHA mares.

Lainey was a TB/Perch cross and such a good girl. 

16. Place I want to travel next: Toss up between Ecuador and Iceland.

17. I was a bit of a wild child and did a lot of dumb things. I'm scared to have kids of own :)

18. Best teacher I've ever had: I'm going to have to go with my current riding coach.

Bridget pony is a close second, of course.

19. I can't dance. I love music, but have zero sense of the timing or the body awareness to pull of dancing....riding, on the other hand, makes sense to me. Go figure.

20. Perfect date night: Cook a nice dinner (mexican, most likely!) and a good movie at home.

21. I grew up in a pretty isolated area so didn't have any 'real' riding instruction until right around when I started this blog (7 years ago already!)

22. Tea or coffee? Ummm,can I choose hot chocolate?

23. Riding discipline I'd love to try: Mounted Archery.

24. I seem to always own mares, rarely geldings.

25. Age really is just a number. I in no way feel anything close to my actual age (41 now, so hard to believe!) and am happier and more adventurous now than I've ever been.



  1. So cool to get to know you a bit better! But I am baffled by the plane thing. What don't you like about big planes? They're so much more stable in turbulence!

    1. I think partly the claustrophobia (all those people!) plus the limited amount you can see out. I'd probably be just fine if I had a seat in the cockpit :)

    2. omg i rode in the cockpit of a 747 and almost peed myself on landing. i did see how easy it is to fly though, just two buttons is all they needed.

  2. There was a lot I didn't know about you! those floors are stunning. I am super impressed.

    1. In another life, I might have liked to have been a carpenter :)

  3. This is awesome! I want to try mounted archery too :)

    1. Everyone I've talked to IRL thinks I'm nuts, but I'm interested because of how fun/technical it must be.

  4. I miss mexican food so much *sob*

    1. Every time we go to the city I'm stocking up on supplies. Cilantro grows well in our yard year round, and jalepenos and tomatoes do ok in the summer. I'm trying poblanos in pots this year. Fingers crossed!
      We go on mexican vacations mostly for the food - I want to go on one of the cooking courses next.

  5. Oh man this one is kind of old - but hey everything is new again and drafts are definitely here to help with content!

    1. Right? I feel like I probably did some iteration of this years ago too.

  6. That floor tho! How could you not love it after all this time? It's so beautiful!

  7. I worked at a trail barn for years too - lots to be learned in that environment! Also now I want tacos LOL