Saturday 8 June 2019

25-28: Summer Camp

I've been quite busy this week, so Pony Boot Camp more resembles Pony Summer Camp!
Bridget's easiest boot camp ever.

Day 25: Away for work

Day 26: Work, and I had to take a later ferry home, so no time for horses.

Day 27: Took Sophie back down to the club grounds to do some longeing and groundwork. I could do both at home, but I like taking advantage of all the horses and goings on at the club grounds, especially with such an easily distracted baby. She was very up and energetic on our walk, less enthused to longe. I added some ground poles to the mix, which took a bit of figuring for her ("I can trot and canter over these?") but I think kept it a little more interesting. I strategically placed one in the corner she gets distracted in, and it worked like a charm to keep her watching where she's going :)

The trail course was still set up so I took advantage of that as well. She considered saying no to the tarp for a brief moment, then remembered she is a good girl and not actually scared. The walk home was uneventful...I think I tired her brain out.

Standing quietly while tied, even. Who is this pony?

Day 28: Having been released from her round pen jail the previous evening, I found Sophie pastured way down at the bottom of the farm (and no broken fence rails, Yay!) It's a lovely field, but kind of a pain in the butt for me as the manure pile is on the opposite corner of the property, and uphill! It actually adds quite a bit of time to chores (2 hours last night for both ponies to pick paddocks and feed). After that, a bit of a rain storm passed through so I opted to just trim feet and head home to dry off. I was pleasantly surprised that Sophie stood quietly for me in her field without a halter and let me tidy up all 4 hooves without a fuss. A huge win for me and the impatient baby pony.

Still has her moments. I was treated to an assortment of interesting faces as I filled Bridget's water bucket. Sophie would like to be the center of attention at all times, please. 

 Since I am very new to this hoof trimming thing I am reluctant to make any big changes, so I've promised myself to look at them every week or two. It's amazing to me how much their feet change in even that time frame! I am on my own for the next 6 weeks, then the farrier that travels here will check fix my work again (can't wait!) I'll freely admit this is not my cup of tea, but without a local farrier it seems to be my only option. If it was just Bridget and her round cob feet I'd be fine, but Sophie wants to have the long toe/low heel thing and I worry about that a lot.

Today there is a fun day for the Therapeutic Riding kids. I think I'll save them the fun and distraction that is Sophie and probably just take her for a little hike in the forest somewhere - it's a beautiful day again.


  1. I love your photos. I wish I had such great, up-to-date images for each blog post! 2 hours for poop/feed for two animals is extremely long. I missed poop yesterday but only spent 30 minutes. I guess your pastures are bigger than my grazing strips.

  2. The pastures aren't super big, but the grass is really long so it's hard to sift out the poop and the distance to the manure pile is really far (and uphill, lol)! I actually moved both girls up to the barn yesterday so my chores are easier while I am at's ridiculous really, I can do the whole barn at my coach's place with 15+ horses in the same amount of time.