Wednesday 24 April 2019

5 Days Of Riding: Part 3 (The Rest)

On Sunday, I had absolutely nothing horsey planned, and halfway contemplated taking a break. But, we went for a walk to the beach in the morning, and as always happens when we walk human-only trails I was wishing I could bring a horse!

I stopped in at the barn and Bridget said she was bored, so that was the last bit of motivation I needed to go for a ride. I thought she might be a little stiff or tired from Saturday's exertions so we walked down to the arena grounds for a leg stretch. Bridget had other ideas, though, and put on a bit of a show in the round pen there. She's got bottomless energy these days, apparently.

Such a pity she's not totally on board for the dressage game.

Showing off and having fun. I wasn't asking for any of this, but she was pretty pleased with herself, so why not.

G and I drove out to see Sophie later in the day, but sadly no pictures for you because it was getting dark out by then. I love visiting her, but the reality is she's a pretty happy little thing and doesn't need much. So, for now I save the gas money and time and check in once or twice a week. When she moves "home" in mid May for baby pony bootcamp she'll be a pretty regular feature here again, I'm sure.

Monday was my final day off work, and saw me seriously contemplating my life choices. Why am I not wealthy and spending all day, every day riding? Oh, that's right...because I seem to have a habit of prioritizing my non work life and sacrificing income, and therefore any hope of ever being rich. Ah well, there's always lottery tickets, I guess :)

So cute. I'm totally biased, but seriously, who wouldn't want to stay home from work and hang out with her?

Very non exciting, but all the adventuring all weekend meant I had a few wheelbarrows of poop waiting for me in the paddocks. By the time I was done, that and the grey, cold weather had kind of sapped my motivation. Never fear though, once again Bridget was waiting at the gate and eager to get out.

Are you kidding me right now Bridget?

 This time I just led her around the neighbourhood and hand grazed her in the prime spots...I was tired and my body is not used to 5 full days in a row of hiking and riding!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!



  1. Sounds like a good weekend. Bridget sure is cute! I'm still laid up with a sprained ankle, so I've been pretty limited in my horse time. Boo. Patience is not my strong suit!

    1. Sure hope you're back in the saddle soon!

  2. It sounds like a perfect 5 days.

  3. WOW look at that inside hind in the round pen. Holy moly.

    1. She's a nice mover, but she is shy about showing it most of the time :)

  4. Whenever I get to spend a full day doing fun horsey things I contemplate my lack of money also