Saturday 2 March 2019

Independently Wealthy

Yep, all your posts where you gave yourselves extra cash for Viva Carlos' Ideal Day got me thinking. (We all know horse poor people are particularly susceptible to fantasizing about money, so fellow dreamers, this post is your fault :)

Honestly, the truth of the matter is that I'm pretty happy with my financially mediocre existence and I half suspect nothing about my Ideal Day would really change if I had a big bank account. That's boring though, so here's a few things we've been discussing in real life that would probably just happen if we had a huge pile of cash on hand.

- Real life: A baby cob. Maybe breed Bridget, maybe just buy. But we need our own space or better boarding first.
- $ Life: Baby ponies, all day.
Would have the cutest foal.

- Real life: Currently saving for a trailer. Plan is to buy one when Sophie is ready to be started so I can travel to outside help easily.
- $ Life: Buy the damn trailer already. If a little extra cash came my way tomorrow, it's the first thing I'd buy.

Logan Crossfire. Been saving for this one...I don't think extra money would change that. 

- Real life: With that trailer, the plan is to bring the horses down to EC's once a month for a few days of lessons or showing.
- $ Life: Ditto.

- Real life: Struggling to find enough riders to have trainer travel to us consistently for a day of lessons.
- $ Life: I'd just book the thing. If I had heaps of money, it wouldn't matter so much if my fellow riders were no shows now and then.

- Real life: Researching and discussing my much needed future car purchase.
- $ Life: Buy a car I love, practicality and fuel mileage be damned.

Totally appropriate daily driver, no?

- Real life: Struggling to align vacation days for our dream trips. I'm going to take a leave of absence to make it happen.
- $ Life: Every day is a potential vacation day :) Plus, now I will have time to go to Blair Castle and Badminton, too :D

- Real life: Wishing I could do "more" for those in need.
- $ Life: Volunteering and donating a lot more, especially to child and animal welfare.

And finally, a couple of "crazy" things I'd be highly tempted to do:

- Have a person on call to drive or fly me places sometimes. I think I'm a bit claustrophobic, so big airplanes and public transport sometimes take the fun out of adventures. Wealthy me will likely want to travel a lot more than current me has time for!

- Help with the horses. I'm very hands on, but it would be pretty cool to have someone to exercise and muck out every once in a while! Help at shows sometimes would be awesome too.



  1. It’s fun to imagine what we’d do with money. I’d build an indoor. And maybe a trailer with sleeping quarters.

    1. Ohh, an indoor would be amazing! And I am always envious of all the LQ trailers when I am camping in my tent at the show, especially when it's raining, lol

  2. I'd definitely get a new car lol

    1. I think the new car is going to have to be a thing regardless of any imaginary windfall. We'll see what I end up with!

  3. omg a baby bridget would be too cute

    1. I've been scheming for literally years on making it happen. She might not be super sporty, but her brain is amazing and she's decent at everything we've tried. I really wanted to breed her to Cardi, but they seemed uninterested in shipping to I keep pondering more local options but haven't seen the perfect one yet.

    2. You need a baby bridget for sure! Stat. AND buy the mustang ;) HA HA we only live once! Love that car!

    3. The car is a definite possibility...there's a whole saga of literal years where G has old man sedan tastes and I want something fun and we never agree. We are looking at new mustangs next weekend, but I've pointed out to G that the fuel mileage is pretty much the same new vs old one I want, plus vintage is easier to work on :) I should just buy whatever I like, but I do like G too and want him to be happy :)