Saturday 29 December 2018


G and I do the whole experiences for gifts thing, so our Christmas gift to each other consisted of a week-long siesta in Mexico. I'd change nothing about that, but sadly for you that means this isn't the place you'll see an awesome Xmas tack haul.

That disclaimer out of the way, I did get the "kids" some small things recently, thanks to Black Friday:

Do you see it? 

One of those sparkly things in our makeshift tree (seriously, how did Christmas come so quickly?) is a new browband for Bridget.

Sophie got her own bridle, which she's not that impressed with. It's a hand me down of bridle parts that didn't fit Bridget, but I think it looks cute. The best I could get is a picture with one half ear of approval, though :)

Like Bridget, she got her very own tiara, fit for a princess. I went with a safe navy blue for her because I simply am not experienced with dressing Barbie Dream Ponies (and all her Bridget hand me downs specially curated just for her wardrobe pieces are black or navy ;)

On the topic of navy...this Hansbo pad was on sale in pony dressage size for $25. It's supposedly magnetic and ceramic and happy making :) It is thick and very nice quality, so even if it's actually not magical I hope Bridget appreciates it.
Of course, both ponies probably are happiest with the extra attention and extra good eats they've been getting this week :) B has been on lawnmower duty at the farm, which is basically her version of heaven. She's so quiet she's been getting left out in the yard or around the buildings in the day time to act as head gardener, lol. Sophie, of course, has been slightly busier, but those adventures in training baby ponies can wait for another update.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this last weekend before the New Year!


  1. Pretty sparklies for the win!! Sounds like a good haul for Black Friday and I sure would take a tropical vacation over my gifts :) HA!

    Happy New Year to you all! :)

  2. That’s a lovely browband. And I love that saddle pad.

  3. Those brow bands are so pretty !! Glad you enjoyed the holidays ;)

  4. I love the tree. And I love the experiences as gifts idea.

  5. Banana pony is now princess banana pony to you!