Monday 24 December 2018

2018 Favorite Things

If this was a professional sports team, we'd call it a rebuilding year. In other words, there's not been a lot of exciting content in the form of show recaps or giant training breakthroughs. Thank you again to all the fantastic people out there who keep on reading and commenting regardless! It means a lot to me to have a community out there to 'talk' to, especially since in real life my local dressage and eventing community consists

I'm loving the $900 fb Pony bloghop going around that does such a great job of recapping the year without requiring you to have done a million and one interesting things. (Even though, of course a lot of you overachievers out there did just that! Bloggers are the best at being inspiring.)

Favorite Show Picture:

Uh oh, show photos have been conspicuously absent this year. I went to one non-schooling show, and it was a bit of a challenge to say the least - everything from multiple trailer tire blowouts to my reflocked saddle being delivered and not fitting. At all. B also fulfilled my worst nightmares around competing and decided dressage was not happening once we got into the arena and I kind of fell apart.  Still, I am proud of this ribbon, because although it doesn't bring back memories of a fun weekend,  I worked harder for it than any I've ever won in the past.

Favorite Non-Show Picture:
Sophie being a rock star at our extreme trail challenge

Favorite Thing You Bought:

A Sophie pony, obviously!

Favorite Moment on Horseback:

Galloping around like a crazy lady on the beach in Mexico, not a care in the world.

Favorite Moment out of the Saddle:

Getting to know Sophie - I pretty much fell in love with her instantly and baby horses are just fun.

Favorite Between the Ears Picture:

Here's a picture of me taking a between the ears picture for you guys :)
Favorite Horse Book or Article:

You know what? I read a TON of books and articles, but nothing was so useful as discovering USEF network and riding centric Youtube videos and vlogs - apparently I learn more by seeing than reading!

Favorite Horse Ridden Aside from Your Own:


That's tough! I love them all, it's kind of an ongoing barn joke that I want to take home every horse I ride. I'm obviously quite fond of Audrey after riding her weekly all year. But, some of my friends own pretty great horses too, EC has some wonderful lesson horses, and Mexican pony was wonderful as well. 

Favorite Funny Picture of Your Horse:

Yet another one of B sitting around

T Rex pony

Happy, sleepy B

Favorite Movement That You Conquered:

I have no riding pics on Audrey, despite my 50 odd rides on her this year. Here is one of Bridget I like doing a respectable W-C transition - a big win for her, many hours weeks years went into that! :)
They're not exactly conquered, but canter pirouettes on Audrey. More practically, I feel like I am able to properly sit Audrey's huge gaits now and that's probably a more useful life skill!

Favorite Horse Meme:

Tough one. I actually have an entire folder named "inspiration" and it contains all sorts of things I find hilarious. 



  1. sometimes rebuilding years can be pretty freakin awesome! congrats on a year full of many wonderful happy memories!

  2. A new horse trumps all other purchases!

  3. I can't wait to see what Sophie becomes!! And it was a great year you had a lot of great things going on!