Thursday 1 November 2018

Small Wins - October

This post is going to be half recap, half little pick me up for myself. I'm great at setting my bigger picture goals and bench marks, way less great at celebrating the little accomplishments and milestones. I have a tendency to focus on all the things that are "wrong" or "not good enough" with myself, and while being realistic about my weaknesses is fine, this time of year the self talk can get a little too self defeating if I'm not careful.

Sophie  - October Small Wins

Loves her new digs

- Moved her to a new farm and she's super happy there!
- Attended a spooky trail challenge event and she was great.
- Got her out for walks once a week and saw all kinds of interesting things. She was a good girl!
- Found a new farrier! Sophie was excellent for her, too.
- Used clippers on her with zero fuss.
- Got shots up to date, wolf teeth pulled.
- Did a couple of mini round pen/groundwork sessions and she's really coming along.

Bridget - October Small Wins

- Changed her living arrangements so she has pasture on the drier days.
- Based on LWilliam's review, got a FeedXL subscription, and revamped B's diet.
- Farrier and Vet up to date (she always is up to date, just it's quite the scheduling challenge in our isolated town to make it happen - definitely a win ;)
- Got her out 4 days a week, even if it's just walking her to keep a bit of fitness while we investigate minor lameness.
-Superstar at both spooky trail challenges.


- Kept up with my crazy schedule
- Audrey lessons x2, hack x1
- Read a ton, watched a ton of training videos
- Kept fairly calm/reasonable re: barn drama
- Gym or yoga every second day all month.
- Lots of walking/hiking
- Found time to volunteer at local equestrian club on 2 weekends
- Got an early start on No Stirrups November

No Saddle November?



  1. I'd say some of those small wins are not so small! Good on you for celebrating them :)

    1. I always have an epic "to-do" list at work and home and tend to get way too focused on what didn't get's nice to focus a little on all the progress made instead!

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ small wins are where it is at. They make the big wins winnable

  3. Great way to start the month by looking back on all your success!

    1. I might make it a regular thing through to the new year :)

  4. You guys really accomplished a lot in October!

    1. I felt like I was always busy working, so it's fun to see the reality was that I still got a lot of horsey things done!

  5. Added together those small wins are huge.

  6. three cheers for celebrating each small victory along the way!