Thursday 23 August 2018

Growing Pony

April 2018:


I feel like Sophie is looking quite a bit more mature 5 months into owning her (thank goodness - I would have been too big for her is she stayed that little!) It's still a bit hit or miss week by week whether she's looking presentable or in yet another awkward growth stage, though! There are days when I seriously wonder what I bought, lol. Then a couple of weeks later, I'm like "Hey, she's not that bad!" I'm going to beg G to help me take some actual confo photos one of these days. There's a lot I like, but also a lot I wish was better. It will be interesting to see how age and building muscle through ridden work affect my impressions.

She's grown just about 2 inches since she arrived and is actually wide enough now that I can imagine riding her one day. She's exactly 2.5 years old right now. Maybe this time next year she'll be puttering around the trails and starting to learn about being a riding pony? We'll see!

As far as her weight, as you can see that's levelled out recently and she's almost getting a bit plump! So, she's off pasture and back to getting a good quality local hay supplemented with a bit of alfalfa and a ration balancer for growing horses. She's still the friendliest horse you could ever hope to meet and is always looking for something to do! I think I've mentioned with Bridget it took well over a year to feel like we had a connection, but with Sophie it was pretty much instantaneous. Love them both!

In other news, here's a bit of a boot purchasing update:

I went a little crazy shopping the summer sales. We'll try everything this weekend!



  1. Look at her coat! Holy dappled shine!!!!!!!

  2. boy she really is growing up and I love how shiny and pretty her coat is. :) Adorable. She also looks leggy to me in the newer shots so I think she has some growing left ;)

  3. she is really looking great!!! definitely seems to be thriving!

  4. Wow! She is looking so more grown up and beautiful!!

  5. She looks like a young horse now instead of an awkward gangly baby! Soooo pretty!

  6. They grow up so fast! Cupid was 3 when I got him, I still can't quite believe he's 7 now.

  7. Wow! She's definitely growing. She looks great!

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