Thursday 8 February 2018

Nice Things

And...from the possibly overthinking deep dressage thoughts in my last post, onwards to impulse shopping and product reviews. We keep things unstable interesting around here :)

I'm not usually too much of a shopper, but when I do break out my wallet, it's because I found something I like, and there's a giant sale. Normally, I have a list of things I want or need and I methodically buy them when they come on sale. With non essential products, that usually means it's more than likely the size/color I wanted has long since sold out, so it gets crossed off the wish list without me spending a dime. Pheww! However, after Christmas, apparently the sales were good, the online inventory odds were in my favour,  and my resolve was at all all time low, creating a perfect purchasing storm. Packages have been arriving at our doorstep on the regular the past couple of weeks.

Since G only pretends to be interested in my new horsey purchases, I think it's appropriate to share them here with more like minded individuals.

SSG Windstopper Gloves. I've been buying cheap $5 cotton gloves for my entire life. In the winter, they're $6 and they even come in thicker cotton ;) They wear out super fast, they're uncomfortable, and in this climate, they are always damp. But I am cheap. and spending $50 on a nice pair of gloves I might misplace is not something I can mentally accept. So, it must have been a very cold, sad, and wet day when I bought these at the local tack store for full price. But you know what? Worth.every.penny. I have tiny hands, but even being winter gloves, these still allow my midget fingers to grip the reins. We've been on some 2+ hour trail rides in less than ideal conditions and my hands stayed warm and dry the whole way. I love these gloves, they make me happy.
Actual color is more of a very dark navy blue.

Weatherbeeta Prolux dressage pad. This came from Derby House in the UK, on sale and was about $55 Canadian by the time the dust settled with postage and customs duties. I needed a new dressage pad. The last one I bought was the BR Event one, and while it's cute, it's pretty light weight and faded/wore pretty fast. A bit disappointing, since it was almost twice the cost of the Shedrow ones that come in similar colors and quality. So, this time around I was thinking something more substantial, like the LeMieux or Back on Track ones my previous barnmates had. If you've been reading for any length of time, you know I'm not overly fashionable. I like nice things, but those nice things don't have to be this season's current trend (or even this decade's, lets be real). So, when I saw this Weatherbeeta one, I was willing to take a chance on it. It looked comparable to trendier brands, and the price point was right. And, I am so not disappointed. It's gorgeous. In my honest opinion, I think it's nicer than the LeMieux 'luxury' ones, and while it doesn't have the magical properties of a Back On Track one, it is similarly sturdy and sized comparatively. I also appreciate that the underside and entire top channel is made of breathable material...I feel like it's a good compromise between substance and easy cooling. And, the only logo is on the girth, and easily hidden, if you worry about things like that :)

Asmar Bromont Jacket. OK, seriously, I think I have a problem with Asmar jackets. This makes number three. It was on sale for $105 Canadian at the Spruce Meadows Shop. Using horse girl logic, I  need three jackets to survive the year. One spring/fall rain jacket (their Rider jacket in blue), one for life outside the barn (City jacket in black), and now this warmer, fleece lined jacket for winter.  This new one is a discontinued style, and the pics don't do it justice. It's a nice really dark navy color with cozy fleece lining (actually very close in color to my new saddle pad. I could be so matchy matchy if I wanted). It seems too nice to wear to the barn though, and may instead end up being my everyday jacket the remainder of the winter.
Like these, but black to match my dressage saddle

Harry Dabbs platinum stirrup leathers. Thanks, eBay seller, for recognizing there isn't a big demand for child sized leathers, and selling me these beauties brand new for $30, saving the world and George Morris from the continued use of my ever so lovely current set up of having them wrapped AND trailing a foot of excess leather behind my saddle :)

Abundant Pony necklace from Swanky Saddle. This is Bridget, in a necklace. It was on my wish list forever, so when they had a 20% sale, I pulled the pin. It cost about $20 delivered to my door, and I wear it every day.
Spoiler alert: I do not look like this in these breeches.

Elation Platinum full seat breeches. These were on a 30% off sale and I needed a properly fitting pair of show breeches. Sadly, these missed the mark - they are super low rise, also they seem to fit a size small. I hadn't ordered this brand for a while, and comparing the new pair to my 5 year old pair marketed under the identical name, they're nothing alike. The new pair has material that is way thinner and they look more cheaply made, also what is up with the really low rise, when if anything they used to be a bit on the high side? I'm like 5'2" tall, so if they're way too ultra low rise on me...I hate to think how they'd fit someone of average proportions. Can't win them all, I guess. for last, a custom browband from Bex's Browbands. This is a post of its own...



  1. I've been wanting to do a shopping post and thank you for starting me up.

    The Back On Track stuff - I am drawn in, cuz I'm human, but why does their pad not extend to the tail of the horse, when the entire buttocks could use their magic?

    So on a freezing Winter day I put my hands inside a BOT and a normal wool blanket and found no difference in how my hands felt. I don't know how else to test the porcelan magic. My hands were equally frozen after 10 minutes.

    I need to shop in advance cuz I'll be home in March and I want a few things. And I listen to you guys. I've bought a pair of Just Chaps in perforated "hot rider" style, and I've got a new Toklat wool girth in mind. I also want to renew my pair of Irideon fleece Winter "Wind Pro"? tights that I have been wearing every ride every Winter for 10 years. Lord help me that they are still as good, today. I can get rained on and not notice (until hours pass), and they still have no holes.

    It's always helpful when bloggers share tack/clothing experiences, so thank you!

    1. I have a pair of kerrits tights that sound the same - super old, but still look like new! Re: the Back On Track stuff, I've tried a barn mates saddle pad and sheets and didn't notice anything amazing or different in Bridget or myself. But, I really liked the thickness and weight of the BoT saddle pads and how they wash up so nicely.

  2. omg your breeches photo shop..... hahahahaha i resemble those remarks lol!! also nice find on the leathers. i need a new pair eventually but just like.. can't logically justify to myself the cost of some of them. love the look of those asmar coats too...

    1. You know those hilarious "normal person" recreations of celebrity photos? I think my future tack and apparel reviews should all feature Bridget or I recreating the catalog image for each item. But, maybe only I'd find that hilarious, lol.

  3. That jacket has me drooling...

    1. I'm so glad I took a chance on it! It's a perfect riding coat for our winters...the details are amazing. That collar hides a fold away hood, and there's a zip in the back so it fits nicely while you're sitting in the saddle.

  4. I WANT that saddle pad *grabby hands*

    1. It's a steal of a deal for the price, and the navy or black would look stunning on Carmen!

  5. I haven't seen those SSG gloves before. I also gave child sized hands and don't normally bother with winter gloves because too bulky. I'll have to see if I can find those to try on.