Friday 19 January 2018

Things To Watch

If you're looking for entertainment or inspiration this weekend, there are a few recent equestrian media options available.

-I've already mentioned the Robert Dover Horsemastership clinic. USEF Network in general is always a good place to check for live stream and on demand videos of clinics and competitions. I signed up for a free fan membership a couple of months ago and that seems to be all I need to watch all the videos.

-Down The Fence. New on Netflix. Documentary about reined cowhorse. Made me miss Alberta! I boarded at a barn specializing in reined cowhorse, and the few times I rode their horses, and watched their events, it was pretty amazing! I could see myself getting into it.  While I still question the whole starting horses super young for futurity classes thing, this isn't  about that, more a documentary about the people involved in and so passionate about the sport. The cinematography was gorgeous.

-Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival. Livestreams on their Facebook page. I'm loving this because along with good filming angles, they've got commentary from Axel Steiner. I'm learning a lot! Tuning in last night was 100% worth it just to see Steffan Peters and Suppenkasper, wow, nicely done and so much more potential there, too. It's also pretty neat to see a few of our local coaches and people I met at shows last year down there competing. It's inspiring!


  1. I'm still methodically working my way through Robert Dover but realized I need to hurry up because my competition membership expired in Dec and my fan membership expires in Feb lol

  2. ooh that down the fence one looks great. i will add it to my list! Have you watched the miniseries Godless? A coworker knowing i have horses said the horses and filmwork are gorgeous in that so i added that to my list too! thanks for the recommendations!

  3. oh man, i need to catch up on my watching!