Sunday 31 December 2017

Things I Would Like To Do

Number 1 is already checked off!

Things I would like to do AKA Goals, but goals I won't beat myself up over if I don't get them done in 2018, some of them are longer term/ongoing. There are a heap of things on this list, and as with all things life all I can do is try my hardest!

Shows: As mentioned in our recap posts, a bigger focus on dressage this year than in the past. Fingers crossed B is on that wavelength too! I'd still maybe like to event, but am leaning towards a lower key one mid or late season so there is not as much pressure to get the pony fit over the winter. I like the idea of a back to back one over a long weekend, since we travel so far and pay so much to attend anyway. Ditto the dressage shows, I'm only interested in the multi day ones this year, it's simply too expensive to travel to them just for one day.

Training - Bridget: I'd like to get B solid at Second level by the end of this year, which depending on her outlook, might be a soft goal or an impossible one. (This was my goal last year too, after all) We'll see what she thinks - she knows all the individual movements and is more than capable physically, but she's not always on board mentally.

Training - me: I'll keep on keepin' on, riding as often as possible, with small, progressive goal posts in mind. I'd like to be able to organize regular clinics and lessons with EC up north, and if finanicially viable, continue the weekly lessons on Audrey. I'd still also like to get my instructor certifications, which is a giant goal for me that I've mentioned here before and still haven't got done...honestly, the time commitment and the amount of paperwork and testing is intimidating and so I keep putting it on the back burner, thinking that prioritizing building more experience and becoming a better rider can't hurt in the long term. I do want to do it - I'd love teaching the kids and the responsible thing to do is to be evaluated properly and proven qualified first!

Work Life: Ha! Winning! I got this sorted to my liking just before Christmas. I'm now officially working from home 2 days a week for at least the next 6 months (and loving it!)

Health: Better fitness for both Bridget and I. I say this every year because it's a great goal. Last year I succeeded quite well with B, but beyond riding, my own suffered greatly as I simply had no time for myself. Part of my motivation for switching up my work situation includes removing a ridiculous commute and replacing it with time to spend at the gym or out on the trails.

Things: B is going to stay boarded at home, and so purchasing my own trailer would be a great plus for me and make it easier to get down to EC's for clinics and rides to shows.

Finances: It costs me about $200 a month here to keep Bridget, vs the $600 plus bill I was paying on the lower coast. I also got a small raise at work recently that gives me an extra $200 a month. So, I'd like to be able to put $500 a month into my horse trailer/property down payment acct while Bridget is living here.



  1. Love all your things for 2018! You can do it!!

    Also don't be afraid to look at new trailers. I was looking at used (FOREVER IT SEEMED) and ended up biting the bullet and buying a new. My payment is 160 a month and I love my trailer. I am so glad i did it. I pay more when I can but 160 is so doable. My trailer was about 11k out the door to give you an idea!! It is under warranty and so worth every penny!! So hopefully you can swing it in 2018!! And I cant wait to read along with you the whole way thru 2018! Happy New Year!!
    PS YAY on the job and being able to keep Bridget near home!! Things are working out!

    1. My other half wants to buy new, which I'm cool with. It's just committing to spending the money that hurts ;) I like the payment idea a lot.

  2. Those are great goals. You can totally get them done.

  3. I am so glad the work thing has worked out (pun totally intended). I know it was burning you out quite a bit. Can't wait to see the rest of your goals go off without a hitch this coming year!

    1. Fingers crossed We all have the best 2018!

  4. that's awesome that things seem so well settled to have B up north again and continue working from home! and so much money saved too!! good luck realizing all those wonderful goals and ambitions :D

  5. Oohh best of luck in your trailer quest! I hope you find a perfect match without too much strife.

    And that is awesome about the work situation! I'm envious of your two days at home - that sounds so lovely.

    Cheers to 2018!

  6. Love the graphic and the list and I am looking forward to following along in 2018!