Wednesday 6 December 2017

Small Life Updates

- The "clinic" (set up more like a lesson day with my coach) is a go! We have more than enough people signed up to make it happen. December 16th is the day, now I just need to pray for decent weather.
Checked the weather on a recent ferry ride, and as always, the WTForecast App entertained me!

- Our regular farrier from the south coast has time to fit B in next week! (This is exciting because my hometown has no local farrier at the moment. It's crazy, but on the plus side, lots of local owners are becoming quite competent at trims! I half expected south coast farrier to say she's too busy to travel here/fit us in, so yay for that!)

-Work. (Re: the whole working remotely part of the week). So, I never did hear anything from the union, and you guessed it, the story they were told by disgruntled coworker didn't hold up to truth and it quickly became apparent her issue was personal and not work related at all. There are a lot of office politics at play, and more changes on the way, I'm sure. For now, I'm keeping my head down and continuing to work hard.

But look what came in the mail today to cheer me up! Thank you to Cathryn and If The Bonnet Fits - it's going to match our black and grey scheme perfectly! Can't wait to dress B up for a real photo shoot.

-Riding. As mentioned, B is more dragon and less pony these days. I'm working from home this entire week, so I'm able to ride after work every day. I'm having so much fun, B is the happiest I've ever seen,  and I have a ton of riding thoughts and questions I need to mull over.

-Future planning. Tis the season to be planning for next spring. Would you believe I have had no success nailing down details re: breeding B (or Ginger, for that matter) to the stallion of my dreams? Apparently being in Canada complicates matters, but I'm disappointed too in the lack of communication from all parties regarding my questions. It's early days yet, but I'm looking into other options....and honestly considering the whole work drama outlined above, maybe it's best to wait and not add any financial pressure. Still, one can dream. I've been eying up some small warmblood stallions and GRPs, just to think outside the box a little. B will be 8 this year, and Ginger 11 (!) so that's why it's on my mind for this year, time is ticking for a first foal from either.

B would have such awesome babies.



  1. Yay!! Glad you received the bonnet - I love the color scheme you chose along with the little sparkly embellishment :)

    I hope the work stuff settles for you soon, stuff like that can put a damper on the holiday season <3 I am glad B is being good for you tho and you are enjoying taking a mental riding break with her!

  2. Hope the work stuff works out for ya soon, but glad to hear the co-worker's motives have proved to be less than honorable. Love the bonnet!

  3. that's great news all around! how relieving to have the farrier thing sorted, and at least to have work things going a little quieter even if they're not fully resolved. also yay clinic!!!!!

  4. yay on work stuff yay on clinic yay on B :) (OH MY GOODNESS BABY B and G would be adorbs)! :)

  5. Glad the work drama is smoothing out.

  6. Ugh work drama is the worst! It is why I left my last job.

    You should breed to a BRP! Soz cutez!

  7. So glad to hear that you're having so much fun with B and YES! I'd love to see a baby from either one :) Sorry that work still isn't great but glad that things calmed down a little.