Friday 4 August 2017

Smokin' Hot

I've pretty much done nothing with Midge all week. We've been hit with a double whammy - a heat wave that's breaking records, combined with terrible air quality from a bad (also breaking records) wildfire season. More often than not, our sky has been looking like this:

Are we living on Mars, or BC in fire season? Photo from here
You can taste the smoke in the air, and there is a light coating of ash over everything. Since Midge and I both have suffered in the past from our fair share of respiratory issues, it seems unwise to do much work right now.

We've been for a few neighbourhood hacks, just to stretch her legs at the walk, but that's it.
No matter the weather, hanging out with Midge is always a good thing to do
I feel very lucky *knocking on wood* that our area is unaffected otherwise. It seems horrible to complain about crappy air quality when so many are dealing with so much worse. Being evacuated without a chance to get my animals out would be one of my worst many people were forced to cut their fences and hope for the best. I have donated what I can to the livestock rescues in the evacuated areas. Huge thanks and kudos to all the volunteers rounding up livestock and pets and getting them to safety. Fingers crossed hard everyone stays safe and rain is in the forecast soon!

Picture from a ferry commute in the spring, so much rain we were breaking records then too! It's been a crazy year for weather.



  1. ugh it breaks my heart to think of the folks that have had to leave their animals behind. fires are so scary. stay safe with all that smoky air :(

  2. My parents have been telling me how smoky it has gotten on the island. Ugh. Hope you guys are doing ok breathing wise!

  3. My heart breaks for everyone affected by this. I hope that the rain starts soon.

  4. It was scary looking in Seattle and I could taste it as well. That's not even as close as you are so I can imagine. It was also soooo hot there the past couple of days so I know what you mean.

  5. I can't even imagine how devastating it would be to leave behind animals. I really hope it rains asap.

  6. Those fires are so terrifying, I'm glad it hasn't affected you too badly.