Thursday 31 August 2017

2017 Time Out

When I last posted, I was happy to be finished our show season and eagerly plotting all the schooling I want to do in preparation for next spring. 

But, I've literally done nothing beyond hacking out. I'm tired, and just kind of needing a mental break.

I recently put some feelers out re: breeding Bridget in the spring, and got distracted and went down the path of looking at the breeder's current sales list aka "Why breed when I could just buy the most fantastic and talented foal  I could ever want?" Warmblood/Welsh Cob crosses: they're not only adorable, they're FANCY. So much fancier than what I imagine a purebred from Bridget would be. They cost more money for sure, but so much less risk, and not having to worry about anything happening to Bridget in the process. Should be a win, right?

But, you know what? The money I'd be looking at, particularly the cost of simply keeping him or her until a rideable age? Giving me huge second thoughts. I don't know if I really want to do this riding thing/gamble on a prospect THAT bad. Which led to thoughts of banking that purchase price and monthly budget for 2 or 3 years and buying something ready to go at that point in time. Which, when I did the math, made me think "Oh hell, no, I could never spend that much money on a horse!" And yet, a healthy, sound, youngish, third level or above prospect to replace Bridget is probably going to cost about that much. There's no getting around it. I guess I'm burnt out, because that's led to evaluating what I'm really spending on this hobby as is, not just financially, but time wise too. So many sacrifices!

When someone like me, who lives and breathes this thing and normally has no lack of goals and motivation, starts to question how bad they really want it, I think it means a time out is in order. I need to take a break, step back, spend time and energy elsewhere, and do some other fun things for a bit. Check in with myself, re assess those priorities. Spend some money on all things NOT horses.

Great timing, because I've got vacation planned and a week away starting Friday.

Catch up with you later! :)



  1. It can be hard to be an ammy sometimes, esp when wanting to move up in the levels. I think you have a good egg of a horse - albiet a little naughty at times lol. Enjoy those hacks and enjoy your vacation!

  2. Have SO much fun on your vacation! I hope you come back refreshed and re-prioritized!

  3. Enjoy your vacation! :D Timeouts are more necessary as adults than as kids :P

  4. Math and horses just don't mix. Raising a baby is one way to get a good horse. Not for less, but less at once. It can also break your heart when things happen. Of course things can happen to any horse at any point. I too am planning on a break after this last show. I think we both need it.

  5. have a great vacation and don't think! Just enjoy!! Things will figure out without you stressing over it!! Will miss your posts! :)

  6. Nice thing about ponies - they never mind a break either, so no need to feel bad! (at least that's what I always tell myself!) Have a good break :)

  7. I completely hear you and know exactly how that feels. Enjoy your vacation and come back very soon because I know I'll miss reading your blog :)