Tuesday 19 July 2016

Ride recaps and Rebecca Farm

I had a great dressage lesson Monday night. We progress at a snails pace but it was one of those rides where I got a glimpse of things hopefully to come. Midge is starting to get the idea of pushing with her front legs, shifting that weight back, so we had a stride or two here and there of real medium trot and a big engaged and collected trot. She's obviously not strong enough to hold it, but she seems to be keen to offer and I'm certainly pleased with that! We also delved into the travers on a circle thing which is our nemesis but improving in spite of ourselves. Finished with leg yield in which we changed the bend to half pass a stride or two and pony found that very hard indeed! Even though we are not good at this dressage thing, I'm finding it very exciting that the basics are there and the wheels don't fall off anymore when we try new things. I'm feeling hopeful First level will be no big thing this fall.

Jumping wise, after a day of baby confidence building stuff and pony being like "why are we wasting our time with these tiny boring things?", this past weekend I set myself a solid course that scared me a little and was a good range of 2'6" to 3' (biggest thing on our XC clinic adventures was maybe 2'6" - yes it seems I had something to prove ;)  Midge was happy to jump that all day long with minimal to no encouragement and it felt great so I've got a little more to think about.

And finally, most importantly, we are off to Montana Wednesday to spectate at Rebecca Farm this weekend. I have some amazing barn mates to cheer on, one of whom is making her first 1* appearance! So bad ass. I'm super excited for her and wishing her the best of luck. Best husband G is coming along and sacrificing a few days of our limited vacation time for horses, but I think he's going to love it too. Any bloggers going to be there and want to say hi, shoot me an email: projectgingersnap at gmail dot com

Otherwise, I'll see you in a week!


  1. So glad you are feeling back in the groove jumping-wise! Oh to get back to jumping 3' confidently again... I feel I'm constantly reaching for that milestone! Have a BLAST at Rebecca Farm!

    1. I would definitely not be comfortable or ready to be jumping a 3' course, but I like to stick the odd 'big' jump in there on an easy approach just to give us both some confidence. I still can't get it out of my head that maybe the pony will stop and we just got lucky...If you don't mind I'm going to email and pick your brain re: general pony 'tude when I get back from vacation.

    2. Would love to chat with you about ponies! It's great to know someone who 'gets it' :)

  2. I love those lessons where you get a "glimpse". :) Have fun at rebecca - excited to hear about it soon!

  3. I hope you have a blast at Rebecca!!! And am thrilled that your rides lately have been feeling better :D