Saturday 30 July 2016

a friendly nudge in the right direction

It felt kind of weird to roll into the barn after so many days away. I was excited to say hi to Midge, but as I grabbed her halter and opened the gate to the pasture, I noticed she was hiding from the heat (and likely me) under a tree in the furthest corner of the field. Oh well.

My favorite barn mates were mucking out, so in a move to put off trekking across the field, I stopped in the shade of the barn to catch up on the adventures of the past week, and of course all things Rebecca Farm. The girl who was riding Bridget for me reported she'd been awesome and super fun, which is always a good thing to hear about my occasionally naughty pony. At this point, there was much drama occurring behind me, with the mares squabbling over space, so I moved to a safer location, totally absorbed in barn mate's recap of how the 1* rode and what the competitors party was like. "It sounds like you had so much fun. You're super inspiring", i was saying, "maybe one day I'll get to Rebecca. I have my doubts it will be with Bridget, but..." As I was saying that, I felt a gentle nudge on my back. Oh hi, Midge...wait, how did you get here? Were you the one causing the commotion? Yes indeed, it seems the pony couldn't wait to say hi, even if it meant moving the boss mares out of her way. Too long without treats, or did she miss me? Whichever the case, it was one of those moments that remind me why I do this - it's definitely more about the pony than it is about progress or competitive results.


  1. This made me smile! You gotta love the face that greets you at the gate every day - that's what it's all about!

  2. Awwww, that is so sweet and made me smile :-)