Friday 22 April 2016

Slowing it Down

Bridget had a big weekend and a long trailer ride so she got Monday off.

This post brought to you by relaxing ponies.

Tuesday was that magical day every spring where the mares all get turned out into the big field for the next few months. Many horse shenanigans ensued, and by the time I got off work and popped in the saddle, pony felt pretty tired. We did a quick warm up and popped over a couple of jumps before just calling it good and going for an easy hack. Midge was honest about being forward and going to the jumps, but I could feel her heart wasn't really in it.

Midge resting, again
Wednesday I gave tired pony another day off.

More sleeps
Thursday, we did a short dressage school where the pony felt wonderful. We followed that with 2 short jump courses, fences ranging from 2' to 2'6. Zero issues there, I think we both felt it was tiny and easy compared to what we saw last weekend :)
A herd of sleepiness
Today, she will have another day off, because tomorrow we have a schooling show and the pony will need energy to jump multiple rounds. We've also got a dressage lesson Sunday, so another busy weekend for Ms B!
Just can't even.

Why we're tired, in numbers: Last week, we traveled twice as far as a normal week, clocking 10 hours in the saddle and 114km. Even with our lazy days, this week also comes in above average due to the past weekend with 6 hours and 62 km. Virtual adventures weeks 15 and 16 have been added accordingly!


  1. Oh my gosh, all these snoozy pony pics are TOO CUTE!

  2. There's nothing more adorable then a sleeping pony. Nothing. I can only imagine how you felt!

  3. Love those sleeping photos!! Tired ponies!! I feel her sleepiness.

  4. Oh man sleepy pony!! Hope you have a blast at the schooling show this weekend!!!

  5. I'm just catching up a bit today, well done at your clinic! And sending hugs on the sale of Ginger, sounds like she has a wonderful home but it's still a hard thing to do.

  6. OH MAH GAWD. She is the cutest sleeping pony evar.

  7. omg look at all that sleepiness! so cute!