Wednesday 21 October 2015

Busy, Busy

Bridget got her saddle fitted today. Since we've come from a land barren of saddle fitters I was honestly a little nervous a pro would look at my saddle and deem it not worthy. Such a relief to have her say it fits pretty good! She adjusted the stuffing a little and my (Stubben) saddle I love so much will be with us a long while yet. The fitter is actually a County rep, so I'm relieved all around...if there was any saddle I loved more than the one I ride in now it was the County stabilizer I rode in a couple of summers ago. Luckily, the Stubben stays and temptation can be held at bay for the foreseeable future.  

My lesson tonight was also all kinds of awesome. I got to share with trainer's 9 year old son, who like any little boy obviously much prefers jump lessons over dressage. Jumping it was, then!

(As a quick aside, any of you struggling with confidence issues - share a lesson with a wild, enthusiastic kid. It's fantastic. Seriously, this kid has a need for speed and gets all sorts of weird approaches and wrong distances and it still all works out fine. He managed to fall off once and got up exclaiming "Look at me, I got "sanded"! There's sand in my pants! I'm all beat up!", followed by crazy laughter because apparently even falling is fun when you're a rough and tumble little boy. Enthusiasm aside, as an adult I also didn't want the tiny child to kick my ass so I stepped up my game. Also, I had to concentrate on not saying bad words...all positives if you ask me ;)

With the kid sideshow over, Bridget and I got down to business. She made me proud by repeatedly reading the gymnastic line right (canter pole to vertical then one stride to an oxer) and being responsive and adjustable through it. We then added in two fences in an alternating figure right pattern. Midge obviously had to try very hard to make the tighter turns and get her leads but she did it and I was happy with her. The fences are only about 2'3", but she is super careful and fun. She's currently WAY over jumping everything, which is exciting for everyone but me. As a rider newer to jumping it certainly creates some challenges for me :) I don't think I'm riding dangerously or terribly, but it's certainly a little awkward and there is much room for improvement. Still, I am pleased she has a bit of aptitude and scope in that chunky pony body. Now her rider just needs to catch up!

Looking forward: 

Mane Event (Jim Wofford clinic auditing) this weekend.

Next lesson: Monday

Next show: November 7th (Ginger) I'm going to make every effort to be there in person to cheer her on!



  1. That kid sounds hilarious!! The saddle looks awesome :) lots of exciting things coming up!

  2. lol when i started taking lessons with isabel there was a similarly tough-as-nails 12yr old boy in my lesson. and i agree - there's nothing quite like that to help conquer fear and nerves! i would literally follow him around over the biggest scariest jumps, and he had to pony me into the water on xc the first time. anyway Midge sounds like she's becoming so much fun - and yay for well fitting saddles!

  3. Looks like you have a fun schedule ahead! Take notes and share please!

  4. Looks like you have a fun schedule ahead! Take notes and share please!

  5. Glad the saddle worked but hmmm I do love County!