Thursday 6 August 2015


This year hasn't turned out at all like I had originally hoped/planned for. Lots of great things have happened in the past few months, but the horse thing has kind of been put slightly on the back burner as a result. Story of my life! I'm starting to feel like we have a path moving forward, so here's a mini outline of some planned horsey outings and events over the next month or so:

Every Monday: Lesson time! I'm hoping to move to twice weekly come fall, as Mondays are a shared jumping lesson and I'd like a dressage one as well.

This weekend: Barrel race and trail ride. Although this is a fundraiser event and there are fun classes mixed with the serious ones, I've been informed we can't 'compete' (in quotes because I lol at the idea of us being competitive) without western tack and attire. Are they scared someone will show them up in an english saddle?;) Since my western saddle is currently residing with Ginger and as a barn we have one pony and one horse sized saddle to share, we'll have to sit on the sidelines. We're still going along as a barn to participate in the trail ride and cheer on those competing. It will be good for Midge to get out to the show grounds for a day anyway - we'll look at it like a practice run.
We'll finally have company on this trail!

Sometime between mid to end of August: Ginger moves to  trainer friend in the city for training/sale. I already gave my notice at the horsey paradise barn and it was a very sad day.

September 12/13: Open show and hunter/jumper day. Planning to attend should Midge be ready - even if it's some walk/trot classes and cross rails.

September 22: Dressage percent day. Definitely going to this.

There are also a few other things floating around, like monthly cross country schooling dates, a dressage clinic, and a fall hunt. We'll be attending any and all events that my schedule allows.

As far as eventing, that's looking like a prospect for next spring...the other girls at the barn have all qualified for their respective championships and there isn't anything else on the barn calendar until those occur in the fall. I'm fine with that since moving created a big setback for us both and I don't think we're quite ready. Midge and I are both fairly new to this thing and I'd rather go back to basics and feel confident and over prepared rather than under prepared and unsure!

In further 'exciting' news, there's an off chance one of my previous horses might return home to us this fall as she's been outgrown and needs to move down a level jumping wise. She's still more than capable of anything I'd be brave enough to tackle, so I'm trying to be excited rather than panic over all those $$$ floating away....anyone want a part lease on a lovely mare?


  1. I completely know how you feel T! I feel the exact same way about my year. First I was obsessed with finding a job and then with the extra commuting and moving etc I just feel like so far this year has been a wash when it comes to riding. Not that I'm unhappy about how my year has turned out so far since I have a great new job and I'm living in the area I've wanted to be in for years but I just haven't made the sort of progress with my pony that I wanted to. Hopefully the rest of this year that progress will be more possible.

    1. I think we are leading parallel lives, how cool is that? Glad you got the job in the place you want to be too! I think part of the feeling like the horse thing is a bit of a wash this year is that I made so much progress elsewhere. So now our lives will balance back out and much progress will be made at the barn, right? :)

    2. I like the way you think :-)

  2. love this forward looking plan! great mix of fun stuff, realistic goals, and ambitious stuff to reach for. good luck!

  3. Great plan! I'm excited to hear about your September outings. :)

    And well done on moving forward with your plan for Ginger. I know that wasn't easy to do, but you are doing the right thing.

  4. Good luck with your barrel racing this weekend - that sounds so cool. I would love to try that one day!

  5. Glad things are calming down and you can get down to riding now!!