Wednesday 26 August 2015

Feeling Alright

Sorry for the mini absence! I took a few vacation days to spend some time at home with G in the sunshine. It was wonderful, and much needed, although I'm pretty sure we ate about 10lbs of fresh salsa from the garden. Of course that was consumed with multiple tortilla chips, and I likely won't need to eat for the rest of the week :) The only less than great part of my week away was getting Ginger packed up for her big adventure and saying good bye to the best barn owners in the world. I won't lie, more than a few tears were shed! Life moves on and I know I'm making the best decisions I can, I just maybe don't like those decisions all that much!
Bridget has been busy eating all the things on her vacation too.
 Last night, I took the late ferry back to the area I work in, and then was up early this morning to do my morning of chores at the barn. I'm a bit of a zombie today. Bridget, however, seems to have enjoyed her time off and looks ready to go! She was galloping around this morning, bucking and rearing and doing pirouettes on her hind legs. Maybe I will have a fun ride tonight?

It's a bad angle (seriously ;) but one week off and it looks like she's gained 100 pounds lol
T minus 2 weeks until show day, we'd better get back to work!


  1. saying good bye is so hard... but i'm always a little relieved afterward. glad you had a nice little break and hope you have a great lesson and enjoy all the show prep!!

  2. It might not be goodbye though, might only be a see you later!