Tuesday 31 March 2015


This afternoon, Midge and I finally got back at it with a 'serious' lesson.
She's very excited lol

We started out with a big win - once again she was way more confident about the canter and we had zero issues with forward! It's wobbly, but we can work with that.  S was so pleased and excited, what a difference in a very short time. Bridget's finally got the idea, or more importantly, gained the belief she can do it.

We set up some canter poles and baby pony was cool with that. Rather than bore her and tire her out, we moved on to some trot gymnastics with tiny x's and verticals mixed with poles. Midge felt quite excited to be 'jumping' but failed because she was so focused on the jumps themselves which were unfortunately for her, in the middle of the grid. She was like "Why are all these stupid poles in our way? Don't worry, T, I'll smash them out of the way so we can get at the bigger one and jump it!" She did figure it out after a few tries, but it felt pretty wobbly again after we set up some of the poles raised on one end. I tried to choose a line over the lower part of the poles to start, but she was convinced we must go over the center no matter what and was constantly trying to dart over. Eventually we got some consistently nice work in each direction with no Hulk smashing, so we upped the ante and started asking her to canter out over the last. She got a little uptight about that, so rather than pursue it too hard, we got one nice canter out then went back to easy trot poles.

My legs are sore tonight, Bridget isn't the only wobbly one - my two point has fallen by the wayside with all the flatwork we've been doing. I'm going to have to bring back 2 Pointober for April!

 We finished with a rock star photo shoot, because obviously she deserves to be worshipped ;).

This weekend is our mock show campout/party and I'm excited to take Bridget along. Fingers crossed the weather is alright so we don't have to postpone.


  1. Hahaha. You just have to laugh when our loyal steeds have a little fail moment over poles. Jumping? No problem but poles....
    Sounds like she learned pretty quickly though, smart pony.

  2. Yay little campout party!! Have a good time Midge!

  3. i will take wobbly and fun over stiff and uptight any day!! have fun on your camp out and fingers crossed the weather holds :)

  4. She is such a cutie ♡♡♡