Tuesday 3 March 2015

Feb Recap/March Goals

I'm a bit late with my recap, because honestly, there isn't much to recap since I didn't set any big goals beyond my own health and fitness. Also, February is a dumb month with only 28 days. I need 31 at least ;) I rode and exercised regularly, I ate somewhat responsibly, but at last check my weight remains the same. That's OK, though - I'm feeling good, and so are the ponies.
I just like this recent picture of Ginger because it looks like it could be a peaceful summer day!

It's the time of year to start setting regular riding goals so here are some for March:

-Eat well.
-Exercise 5x a week. Walk min 10k/day on varied terrain or run/walk 5k.
-Ride min 5x a week.
-Be proactive about tackling my remaining hang ups re: riding Ginger - expand the comfort zone!
-Remember to be patient.
-Try to think more positively and confidently about myself and my riding skills. Recognize the negative self talk
-Housekeeping - budget for new boots (ordered them today!), sign up for remaining club memberships for summer riding activities and shows

-Weekly lessons.
-Improve canter departs and distance she can hold the canter
-Related to above, continue to work on pony`s overall fitness and willingness
-Tame the mane
-More trail rides, less ring work. (Find her happy place)
-Front shoes?
-Better trailer loading. She`s fine, but not as confident as she could be.

-Weekly lessons
-Survive clinic mid month
-Tame mane, beard, and tail
-Get her out and about (for the clinic plus trail rides)
-More tools to address lack of focus/spookiness/confidence.
-On that note, sign her up for the extreme trail cowboy clinic in April.
-Unhappy with her feet again - I need to be strong/assertive and discuss necessary changes with farrier at next visit. Or use Bridget`s farrier. Who does a really good job, but Ginger hates. And who isn`t `the barn`farrier. Sigh...so much drama.



  1. I'm honestly pretty happy to see February gone haha, and therefore always like that it's only 28days. Great march goals too - I think just making positivity and confidence a priority helps a ton. Good luck !

  2. Confidence will get you through all of your goals! Give yourself the credit you deserve girly!

  3. Great goals for all *thumbsup*

  4. Nice to see so many goals for March! Hoping you can get more riding done this month!

  5. Great goals! March is going to be an awesome month :)