Monday 25 November 2013

In Which Ginger Applies For A Job And Receives An Interview Request

Backstory - Earlier this summer I was so fed up with my job I started sending out tons of applications for different positions. As some of you job hunters will know, many companies now ask you to create an online profile with them and submit your application through their company website. Eventually, if you apply to enough jobs over a long enough period of time, you'll type in your email address and the application upload will be denied because at some point you already created a profile with that address at that company. And if you're anything like me, you have no clue what the password would be and you probably created the profile so long ago it's more work to update it than to just create a new one. That was my thinking at least, when it happened to me on a provincial government job board. No big deal I thought, because I have the gmail account that goes with this blog, right? Just create a new profile with my gmail account, attach my resume, answer the screening questions, and voila! I applied for a job during my coffee break and I felt all amazing and efficient :)

Fast forward to the other night when I finally wrote a new blog post. Oh hey, I have a couple of new emails. And OMG one is an interview request. Oh shoot, and it's for last Friday....:(. I thought it was a bit strange that they emailed an interview request for the following day without any phone conversations, but mentally made a note that I need to check my gmail account more often, or change the job profile back to my primary account. This morning I got to thinking it was a bit rude of me not to reply to their request at all and I'd better send a 'thanks for considering me, sorry I didn't receive your email in a timely manner' type response.

It was then that I realized the email was addressed to Gingersnap. And that my gmail/blogger profile is set up such that the profile name is Gingersnap, complete with a cute little picture of Ginny. Their application system apparently took my gmail profile and used that as my contact info - I'm guessing they didn't read my attached resume at all, just saw that 'Gingersnap' did well on the pre screening questions and asked her in for an interview. No wonder they didn't call, Ginger may have her own blog and email address but she unfortunately does not a phone. So potential employer, I thank you for your interest, and I can honestly say you live up to your 'equal opportunity employer' promise :)

So, job hunting score: Ginger: 1, T: 0.

Lazy pony can't even get out of bed for a job interview. Horses these days....


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