Tuesday 5 November 2013

Eight Things That Make Me Happy

I'm slowing creeping back to my usual sickeningly cheerful self. Why? Let's make a list. Lists are fun. We'll start with the small stuff and work up to the bigger stuff.

1. There is a very large amount of leftover halloween candy at work.

2. Time change = 1 extra hour of sleep.

3. They fixed the heat at work. No more freezing and wearing my winter coat to meetings!

4. I found a place to live until I leave... and I leave SOON!!!

5. Greg is flying out to road trip back with me.

6. Got an email that Ginger is doing great, and a friend of mine is trying out a pony next weekend from the same farm. So excited for her (and her daughter!)
                                        This guy lives there too and is one cool pony!

7. The therapeutic riding group where I used to work just emailed me to see if I'm available to come back and work for them. Why yes, yes I am. I love the kids and of course the horses there. It's a wonderful place to work and I've really missed it the past couple of years.

8. I just got invited to someone's 80th birthday party. Not only is she healthy and happy, she also still runs the barn I grew up at and mucks her own stalls and tosses hay bales farther than I can. In true farm girl style she's having a bonfire and barbeque. A friend of mine posted on facebook that she wishes she'll look that good at 60. I was like 60???!! she's 80!!!! I can't even describe how great I think that is.

More generally speaking, I'm feeling like G and I are on the same page about where the future is taking us (and Ginger!). After the last few years of being (literally) all over the map, it's a nice feeling. We've lined up a couple of horsey properties to view when I get back, and while it may not come to anything, it's still pretty darn neat to have someone so supportive of my hobbies.


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