Wednesday 2 October 2013


Wish me luck, the municipality I live in on the coast is actually getting closer to the 21st century and hiring a tech type person. I sent my resume in this morning. I'm keeping it secret from G because I don't want him to be disappointed if I don't get it. On the other hand, I'd LOVE to surprise him with good news. Whichever the case, I have resisted all temptation of pay raises and promotions here and am still on schedule to return home in December, job or no, although working student is still on the table. The dream property is still waiting for me, (as is G lol) and life is generally feeling like it's still moving along in a positive direction. But still, a job AND my man AND my Gingersnap all in one place? Dare I dream to lead a normal life like everyone else ? :)

Ginger is still happy as a clam (Are clams happy? Really? Where did that come from...sounds like something my grandma might have said!) and enjoying her all inclusive vacation from the stresses of real life. I get regular updates regarding her awesomeness, but sadly no new photos to show you yet. I can tell you she's been healthy and happy and even been excellent for the farrier the whole time she's been gone, so I suspect it really was an issue with that one specific barn and farrier. And hey, maybe she's grown up a little too. I have no clue what I'd do if she really has randomly become all grown up and mature about things - she's such a princess it's hard to imagine even when the farm owner tells me she is 'quiet' and 'easy' to have around :)


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