Sunday 27 October 2013

Ginger's Relatives

I'm suffering from serious horse withdrawls. So what'a girl to do? Create hypothetical breedings to daydream about even more Sec D awesomeness? Check.

In the course of researching the perfect boyfriend for Ginger, I of course have to research her pedigree. I came across a few of her half brothers and sisters from her dam's side, and thought it was super neat to see how much they all resemble their dam. Here's Ginger's mama, Ayr Hawks MacKenzie Rose :


I hadn't seen that picture before, Ginger sure turned out a lot like her mom!
Ginger, summer 2013
Here's Ginger's half brother, Whispering Telynor. There's definitely a family resemblance:
Another half brother, Whispering Sparkling Comet.

Yet another half brother. Sugarlane Ovation:

Finally, a half sister! Talywern Fair Rose:
And one more half brother. Whispering Magic Marvel:

Ginger's dam appears to have had a pretty long broodmare career - these are just her foals I can easily find online. What's funny is most of the boys appear to have been stallions at some point in their lives, so their stats are mostly listed. From what I can see, they're all between 14.1-14.3hh. Ginger is the giant of the family at 15.3hh. I can't find much info on her sire, but I'm guessing he must have been taller than most. Ginger, of course, is obviously a girl of extremes, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's just the odd one out. It would only make sense :)


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  1. Hi there! I recently bought one of Ginger's relatives listed above -- Sugarlane Ovation -- and I just wanted to know that I've been enjoying your blog.

    This is my first Welsh cob and I just love him.

    Thanks for sharing your stories. :-)