Wednesday 20 February 2013

What to do when you can't ride?

I attended the eagerly anticipated doctor's visit. Which started with a really kind talk on why I shouldn't ride for another 2 weeks. (If you must know, it's really unadvisable to take a chance on bumping your head again while you're recovering. As explained to me, my balance, reflexes, coordination, etc are affected. So even though I feel pretty good, I shouldn't be doing sports where a lack of any of the above may result in further injury. He usually recommends waiting 2 weeks after you feel normal. Sadly, it does make sense. But I don't like it.) I started feeling a little anxious about the prospect of 2 more weeks out of the saddle. Just in time for the obligatory blood pressure test. LOL I earned myself another follow up visit, because the reading was high-ish. I'm totally ridiculous, I know. Can`t ride your (healthy, amazing) horse for another 2 weeks? Cue the anxiety attack ;)

To keep Ginny and I occupied and out of trouble, I'm going to have to think of some fun things we can do out of the saddle.

-She's got excellent ground manners, so I don't want to drill those. Maybe run through an in hand trail course or showmanship pattern? We do have friends to meet and practice with.

-Hikes are fun, and we'll do some, but I'm still a bit limited as to how far I can go before I wish I could curl up and go to sleep.

-Ground driving. I can work on a lot of under saddle stuff from the ground if I'm smart about it.

-Since we have ground driven her, I'm considering taking it a step further and having her start pulling things, starting cowboy style. (I don't have a cart but we have plenty of poles and tires available to give her the idea of having something follow her) The lady with the cart and ponies this weekend inspired me.

-I need to come up with ideas/exercises to make the next farrier visit a little smoother.

-I've also got a heap of tack to organize for an upcoming tack sale. I should spend a couple of hours trying stuff on Ginny so I know what to sell and what to keep. I'll save this for a rainy day.

-For curiousity`s sake, I really want to get an accurate measurement of Ginny's height. It's not just me who thinks she's grown in the last few months!

-Catch up on Horse Hero. (Tough one, I know ;)

-Oh, and a clinic to attend this weekend! Don't get too excited - I obviously won't be riding. I'm going to go audit, though, and hopefully get some good advice and inspiration.


Never mind, looks like I have plenty to keep me busy!

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