Sunday 17 February 2013


I have conclusive proof that spring is here. I saw a few people mowing their lawns yesterday! Don't be jealous, because of course, in beautiful BC 'spring' just means 2 or 3 months of warmer rain (and a whole lot more lawn mowing!). We're all in denial about the rain though, so spring is still something to look forward to. Fact: I live just north of Vancouver in an area called the Sunshine Coast. Yes, you read that right. The Sunshine Coast. Apparently we are in serious denial. Or we just have an excellent tourist marketing board.

At the moment, Ginger would be far too warm in her turnout blanket, so I'm sucking it up and dealing with a mud sculpture rather than a pony. I'd love to find another nice rainsheet, but with mail order currently being my main method of acquiring all things horsey, things get complicated. It's going to have to wait for our next trip across the water and a decent tack store so I can see the blankets in person. Really though, I have lots of time to groom her these days and nowhere to go, so what's the rush? Why not let her enjoy herself?

In other news, I had a good horsey day yesterday! G is off for a short trip as of this morning and I think had the (fairly accurate) idea I'd be spending a significant amount of time at the barn while he was away. In his worried mind, this would of course lead to me going riding on my hyped up pony all alone in the wilderness while semi conscious with serious concussion side effects. Probably bareback and with a 6 pack or something too :). I feel fine, but will of course wait for the all clear from my doctor on Tuesday before riding.  Apparently G thinks I'm a bit more irresponsible than I really am. Since I usually feel entirely too responsible and boring, I secretly have to like that.  Yesterday G came to the barn with me so I could have a horsey day with him there 'just in case'. We ended up going for a hike with Ginger in tow. Since she knows spring is coming and has also had a couple of weeks off work, she was pretty silly, but in a happy pony sort of way. I was relieved to feel sad I wasn't riding and not anxious at all about the prospect getting back at it. I had a fall on Lainey a few years back that really shook my confidence even to this day, so I'm glad that I'm feeling fine - even with G being so nervous on my behalf. I'm so lucky that he 'gets' my horse hobby and is nothing but supportive and encouraging. Now, if I could just train him to put his dishes in the dishwasher...;)

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