Friday 3 August 2012

The Weather!

Yes, I know people usually discuss weather when there isn't much else to say.
Guilty. But my lack of anything to say is due to the weather, so I think just this once it's OK.

Monday - lesson scheduled - severe thunderstorm warnings, so I cancelled. And thank goodness I did because I thought the world was ending when that storm finally hit

Tuesday - Tornado warnings. Thankfully didnt materialize, but deterred me from spending 3 hours driving in the middle of nowhere to go for a ride. Nasty storm came through anyways, so I was justified.

Wednesday - wasnt too bad, actually - but I had errands to run and couldnt make it out.

Thursday - Heavy rain all day, but enough was enough and visited the horses. Cleared for an hour or so then ANOTHER ridiculous storm with crazy wind and hail just as I walked out to the field! I couldn't see anything in front of me it was so heavy. Gave the horses a quick treat and bolted for cover. And was soaked through with no spare clothes. Wimped out and went home. Truck got a free power wash though, I swear the worst of the weather followed me home.

Friday - Today I have to pick Mr G up from the airport and we are having a little mini vacation. He is going to come with me on Monday night though so I can still have my lesson then, provided the weather cooperates for once. Weather forecast through the weekend is good, and Monday looks iffy. Of course.

Apparently we are setting some kind of records for thunderstorms and tornados. I believe it, its been super hot and humid almost every day this past month, then the evenings (just in time for me to get to the barn) are full of extreme weather.

Just think though, the next show I'm at where the wind picks up or thunderstorms roll in - we're going to think its nothing - my horses are pretty much weather proofed right now. This summer has been full of wild weather, stuff I wouldn't dream of riding in under normal circumstances.

-Trying to lunge, but can't because the wind is so strong is pulling the line out of my hands and confusing the horses. Not to mention they can't hear me over the wind.

-The barn is located next to a lake. 'When the lightning gets to this side of the lake we'll have to go inside" "OK - that was close -RUN"

-"Oh, that's just a dust devil, don't worry"

-Cantering into a strong headwind makes it easier to collect :)

-Giving Lainey a bath, only to have a huge storm come in after she dried.

-Riding in the indoor and it sounds like you're inside a washing machine on the spin cycle.


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