Sunday 19 August 2012

I love weekends!

I shouldn't complain, because I am one of the few that loves their job. But, we all know days off are still the best thing ever. This weekend was fairly low key. I had a golf tournament to go to Fri evening (No, I am not a golfer- this was the third time ever. The company was great, and the planning of just how I'd build my cross country course there was pretty fun too). Saturday trainer girl was away at a show so no lessons. Instead, I ran errands and fixed blankets for the fall. Its getting closer and closer to the big move and no doubt the horses will need their waterproof blankets ready for arrival!
Today I went to the barn and rode Ginny. She was amazing as always and looking fabulous. I power trotted her for a bit on the long sides, collecting on the short and it really seemed to do the trick of getting her relaxed and forward. She was so good we did a couple of serpentines with that really nice trot, then immediately started work on the canter. She was really good to the right, but the left feels like it needs a little work. Nothing awful, just green horse stuff combined with a rider who can't help her as much as trainer girl can. At one point, we had a disastrous transition of nice trot to crazy pony trot to canter. Brought me back to being a ten year old riding a welsh pony who was trained for a cart. No way would he you just trotted faster and faster :) Thankfully Ginger is much smoother and easier to sit and it was only a momentary confusion. But in Gingers case there were a few real extended trot strides thrown in so secretly I thought the bad transition was pretty cool and I wanted to do it again! Sadly, though, I had actually asked for a canter, so we tried again and had a couple of nice canters. Then I had to be all grown up and responsible and give the pony a break and a giant pat and call it a successful ride.
Lainey got the day off since she has been in summer camp and probably appreciates a day off with her boyfriend, strolling through the meadows ;)
Movie star Ginny poses for the camera:


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