Tuesday 18 June 2024


I looked at my work schedule a couple of weeks ago, then looked at the weather forecast and went ahead and booked vacation.  When you need it, you need it!  Sometimes I head off on some last minute seat sale adventure, sometimes I need more barn time. Last week felt like barn and pony time was in order.

More pony noses required

And it was wonderful. I haven't spent so much time outdoors or even with the horses in what feels like forever. I've had an office job for 10 or so years now and I think the indoor, relatively stationary aspect of that is always going to be a struggle. I am much happier outdoors or with horses (ideally both!), but  in my case those life choices didn't pay the bills as reliably as something more technical and computer based.

The equine mowing crew still has a ways to go, plus have gained requests to take on other locations. Too many fields to mow, what a nice problem for them to have.

This is my lunch spot on my 'in office' days and there is a taco truck, so don't take my whining about wanting to be back working in the forest too seriously - civilization has it's perks.

On the 'being an adult' side of things it was a week of tackling yard work, doing paint and maintenance on all things fences and barns, a general tidy up of everything, and a few improvements. Also, leisurely lunches at the lakeside pub, and a few visits to the garden centre, because of course. Actually I can't even pretend any of it was 'being an adult' chores when all ten year old me really wanted was a big yard and horses at home in my own barn. I love it all.

The one not so great note from the last couple of weeks is that we had a freak wind storm and this tree blew over. It was a housewarming gift from my grandma 'back in the day' so I'm sad about it.

Silver lining is it fell right up against this little fenced patio area and was in bloom, making a lovely privacy hedge until I get used to the idea of cutting it up for firewood.

It suddenly struck me as funny how obviously 'horse girl' my 'tool box' is

I set up a misting system in preparation for summer and they were skeptical but eventually won over by it

From the more traditional 'inner horse crazy kid' perspective, I took plenty of pictures, everyone had a spa day or two(whether they liked or not *cough* Reggie *cough*), tack and trailer was organized and cleaned, and much time was spent just generally messing around and getting the boys a little more civilized and set up to be successful riding ponies. 

civilized is not their normal state

so Sophie has decided to parent them. She's doing a good job, but absolutely no one is surprised about how hyper focused she's been about it.

Cute little face. He wasn't great for the farrier this weekend (it's a catch 22 in that they are so active and wear their hooves so evenly they don't need trimming right now, but also the experience is necessary) but it's getting better. We'll keep working on it, it's just confidence and 'stranger danger' trust issues, he's a good boy.

This guy has been surprisingly well behaved for all the things. I'd say we've turned a corner, but I think it's more he's bored with my routine and taking a time out to consider new opportunities for chaos :)

Sophie back in her condo for a time out. There are absolutely no boys allowed in here.

So, basically a couple of weeks worth of entire days spent doing only things I like to do. I'm a lucky person :)

Hiding my falling down hay shed one climbing or flowering shrub at a time. The horses hit these rose bushes hard, but so far they're resilient.



  1. How lovely! Great pictures, your place and ponies are so charming ❤️

  2. I always loved my staycations. Yours sounds fabulous