Monday 18 March 2024

Weekend Scenes and Further Arena Building

 We went from snow last week, to summer temperatures this week. The ponies are all well started shedding their winter coats, but I think we were all feeling the surprise destination vacation temperatures (and I managed to get a sunburn).

Cherry blossoms appearing!

The big project this week was that we had a giant dump truck load of sand delivered for the riding arena. I probably haven't discussed here, but this project is taking forever partly because we essentially live on an island and the materials available are the materials available locally. I checked into barging some in from the lower coast and it's just way too cost prohibitive. The local pits sell drain rock, 3/4minus/road base, bigger granite rock sizes...and sand. We don't have the crush rock/limestone/clay/whatever you'd normally use to cap an arena. 

Chief inspector

There are a couple of local arenas I like the feel of, so I'm just trying to do what they did, which means giving the base a winter to settle, then re leveling and adding a super thin layer of sand on top and compacting that. There's a sand locally that has a bit of clay and fines that seems to do the trick as a nice 'mid layer' between the base and the footing. The thing with this plan is that I just spent three days of my life raking and dragging and levelling 1" of sand around a 80x120' space. For the right person, this might have felt very meditative zen garden, but I'm not that person. The temptation to skip this step and just dump some footing on top and call it good felt very very real even about an hour into raking and spreading :) But, it will all be worth it in the end, right?

yellow labrapony loves to 'help'

Other than that, I kept busy prepping the garden and replacing some fence and harrowing and planting more grass seed in the front so the horses can go out there again. 

Is not allowed in the garden but would like to be

Trying to tempt me to forget the garden, she brought me her ball. She's so distracting and cute.

Sophie just had some short rides barely worth mentioning as I'm still feeling pretty cautious about the saddle. I have a bodyworker person coming next weekend so that will be good for feedback.

Reggie is finally starting to level and fill out a little

A little more suspicious of our activities than Sophie is but I like letting them hang out while we do things in the yard, it doesn't normally take too long before they're hanging out and investigating everything. A really easy way for them to see a bit of the world and trust us a bit more.

He'd come visit and investigate then 'scare' himself and run back to his friends (definitely a game and not actually scared)

The boys are still pretty low key as far as any 'to do' lists. They get groomed, they get their feet handled, they go for short walks, they get reminders on basic manners. There's a long list of things I can see  need to be addressed (they're both very sensitive and reactive, Reggie in a 'chaos is fun and exciting' kind of way, Bakari in an actual 'this is worrying' way), but also the nice thing about babies is that there's really no rush and a little bit every day is far more productive right now than 'training' things head on. They're light years ahead of where they were when they arrived as far as trusting us and doing all the things. (I mean slow and steady feels like best case with every horse, but baby ponies brains fill up so quickly you really aren't tempted to push anything.)

Buck is a lot more reliant on his friends so he just grazes and naps up closer to them. He can be curious and he's actually super friendly, but he's a lot more reserved and cautious than Sophie and Reggie are. He actually reminds me a lot of Bridget in a way.

Depending on what I'm up to with Sophie, I have a clinic booked in April that was originally for her, but I think it could also be fun to take the boys for a baby horse outing and short groundwork lesson.

Quick trip to town for lunch, with a Vancouver Island view reminding me why I like it here

Looks like the beautiful weather will be here for a couple more days then we'll be back to the usual. I'm loving every minute of it. It's so easy to feel depressed here with the never ending rain and cold so this has definitely felt like a nice vacation from it all.



  1. Everything feels better in spring. I’m curious to hear what the bodyworker thinks.

    1. I'm really interested too. I just realized it's not this Friday but the holiday Friday she's here so we have to wait a little more. In the meantime, I spiraled and set fire to all my pony money and have a few different saddle options on their way, "just to see"

  2. Replies
    1. I feel like I know this on a logical level but then every spring I'm like "WHY DO I FEEL SO GOOD? HEY DID YOU SEE THE SUNSHINE!!!" :)

  3. The boys are looking so grown up. They really do look different from when you first picked them up. Amazing how they change so quickly.