Friday 7 July 2023

Around the yard

Just a few photos documenting some of the little projects I’ve been working on in my spare time because I know you’ve previously been interested in some of the property and barn things I’ve been doing. The bigger ticket items like the new shelter continue to be a work in progress, but that’s OK, it’s been super hot out and I haven’t felt like tackling anything that feels like it’s going to take a multiple day commitment. I also haven’t felt much like working inside the house when the days are so long and beautiful so let’s pretend I had planned to finish it and move in this fall :)

A new bench, mostly built from the firewood pile. We don’t have a wood stove or anything and it felt wasteful to burn the cherry and hazel cuttings we had from spring, but also I don’t like clutter or keeping piles of things around. And…I wanted a bench. So here we are.

Placed in its new ringside location

New planters made from leftover fence boards. Tricking you into thinking this is a high end establishment from far away

Barn kitty! So far everyone we ask knows her, but seems to think she belongs to someone else.

But she lives here and follows us around all day so I’m just leaving it be for now. She’s gained weight and is growing, plus she’s got a tattoo showing she was rounded up as feral and spayed already so I think it’s safe to not worry too much and enjoy her company. 

The garden centre had a giant clearance sale so I bought “big” trees for the back gate and I like how it looks. I also might have gone completely crazy and basically have enough shrubs and trees to keep me busy planting for a few days. No pictures but I’ve now got hedges started down both long sides of the property, across the back, and around the garden area. I also have several nice shrubs and ornamental trees added here and there around the remainder….and I still have about 20 more in pots 🙈😂

I also rehung and restained the back gates because winter was not kind to them. If I was going to build them again I might do it differently.

Garden area continues to be a work in progress, but the view is fun

Hi ponies! The hazelnut trees are going wild this summer, I need to add proper pruning to my skill set next winter

Did I mention there are flower gardens everywhere too? I’m officially old, with the garden and cat obsession. It takes me longer to water everything now than it does to do the horse chores, I’ve totally lost the plot.

Ponies are doing great though, both are having a little vacation. B because it’s been hot and smoky and she struggles a little and there is no reason to push through. Sophie’s had a little break because I’m still feeling pretty guilty about the ulcer thing. Opinions are mixed, but I thought a little time out couldn’t hurt, where riding her quite literally might have.

Alfalfa mush face. She’s been saying she feels pretty good, so maybe she’d like to get back at it. I think the most noticeable difference over the past few weeks is that she loves being groomed now. She had been a bit fussy about where and what brush, but now she can’t get enough and is borderline obnoxious about begging for scratches. She’s still her own opinionated self in general though and while she’s happy to tell you all about what she likes, she is still also not shy about telling you when things are not to her liking ;)

It’s T minus one week until we’re off to see Mr Trademark! So excited! If I had stuck with the show plans right now I’d be in high stress mode because nothing is aligning itself ideally for that, from pony health to current ferry schedules. So nice to just kick back and look forward to a fun adventure that still includes ponies.

Then when I return I’ve still got a huge list of house and property improvements to pick away at. I’m just about ready for a before and after of the exterior of the house, so that will be fun, and the sand for the arena is coming soon. VERY excited for that.

I’m also looking forward to some trips to audit some clinics with a fun group of horsey ladies. Carl Hester tickets were acquired a while ago, but we’ve got Jody Hartstone from NZ next up. Locally, I’m going to learn about high lining and packing, because why not ? 

This year went totally pear shaped and maybe ten percent resembles where I thought I was going,  but there are so many fun things coming out of it all.


  1. Your property is looking amazing

    1. Thank you. I think I'm always going to wish I had more room, but it's been fun getting all the landscaping back and brainstorming to maximize grass turnout areas this summer.

  2. Your projects and plantings are so attractive. Your place is looking great!

    1. Thank you, fingers crossed everything overwinters and thrives.

  3. Your projects add nicely to the look of your property. I wish I had your talent (I think most things around my place are held together with duct tape, bailing twine and zip ties). You share some great cat and horse photos again- that alfalfa face picture is so sweet!

    1. I'm so late responding, sorry. I can't comment on my mobile devices so I need to be sat down at a computer and lucky for me I've been avoiding that for much of July :) Thank you for the lovely comment, I think it's less talent and more stubbornness and perseverance lol