Monday 16 January 2023

Rain Rain Go Away

This week brought the first decent weather days we've had in a while and it was well past time to get back in the saddle. I have really missed riding. And, wow, am I unfit. I know it was kind of the plan to take a Dec/Jan break given the amount of house renovation work on the agenda (plus the weather and dark evenings) but it's still felt like a lot of time missed.  After 6 weeks off, I was smart enough not to ride Sophie right away, but in retrospect hopping on Bridget wasn't overly wise either. Too bad we didn't get media of her antics the first ride back - I have no idea why I describe her as the safe one when a shocking amount of airtime can come from those stubby legs of hers. I'm not laughing, Bridget. 

Learned my lesson and she's longed first now.

Sophie might get silly or have a lot of energy, but she's pretty straightforward and desperately wants to be a good girl. She tells you a mile away what she's thinking. B is much more crafty and really could care less about what you think of her (but it's hilarious, really).

Looking super innocent

That being said, Sophie's not been a complete angel this past week either. She gave me a friendly reminder of why gloves are highly recommended for longeing. She didn't go anything too terrible but given the wet conditions and my lack of gloves when she got a bit overexcited there went the line out of my hands. Off she went barreling around the property, line attached, giving me a heart attack she was going to get wrapped up on a tree or something. I might want to rethink giving this pair of ponies time off at all. And be a responsible adult and wear my freaking gloves.

Look! That one afternoon it didn't rain!

I can't want to be back into some semblance of a regular routine. The stopping/starting of the past year has felt like a bit much and dealing with pony behavior at it's worst after they've had multiple breaks isn't the most constructive thing in the world.

Despite a couple of not so bad weather days, in general it continues to be wet and windy, with one storm front after another coming through. I'm trying not to panic over the amount of mud in the ponies' shared paddock. I was feeling pretty smug about how nice the ground was holding up  even a week or two ago, thinking I had won, but here we are - there is standing water everywhere, the ground is now totally oversaturated and whatever base of sand and gravel I had left from the last time I had horses here has failed. In fairness, it's pretty gross everywhere with the weather we've had, but that doesn't make it *right* for the horses to live in. 

Gravel and resurfacing is on the to do list for spring and we'll put in some more drainage pipes this weekend. For now, the girls come in at night to dry off and I try to get them out on a different part of the place where they can have a good run on better footing for at least a couple of hours a day. Having enough daylight for short rides after work and being consistent about it will help too. It's a fine balance of letting them move, but not completely tearing up the rest of the property so we can have spring grass. I feel like having horses at home in general forces you to learn good land management, but owning a tiny property really magnifies that. I've learned an awful lot about drainage, quarry materials, and composting this winter! 

Fingers crossed next winter brings fewer surprises and better decision making on my part. At the very least, I'll get the paddock sorted and drained and arena lights will be a thing so activities won't be as limited.

In the theme of being better at life, I also realized this week that I had not renewed any of my 2023 horsey memberships or insurance. I got that done and got an auto renew option on the important ones (the equine related insurance, in my case) so I can't forget/procrastinate next year. Consider this your friendly reminder if you've not renewed yours either. I hate when I don't get the early renewal discounts or have to pay a last minute surcharge for an entry.

How's everyone else doing this winter? I'm firmly in the 'can't wait for spring!' camp now.



  1. I still need a little bit more slow season on the farm and winter training time, but I could do with some dryer ground and more sunshine so that my outside chores are more pleasant!

    1. I'd really love some drier ground. Everything squishes right now!

  2. I feel like Nay Nay and Sophie are very similar -- they may have feelings, but you know about them. Otherwise, straightforward. We'll see if I'm saying the same thing when I get back on Nay Nay after his vacation is over... LOL. I'm just done with rain. It's sunny today, but MORE RAIN tomorrow. I'll take snow if we can just stop with the rain. I'm so sick of rain.

    1. We've got snow now in the forecast up here! This winter's been unreal with the crazy weather. Hope it settle down soon!

  3. Yup, count me in for the "spring can't come soon enough" camp too. :-)

  4. Mud here too. I looked into this back before i got the footing updated by my barn. A thought for you? Your place is small enough it might be doable? Glad neither of your horses' killed you :)

    1. Thank you for the link! I've been pondering something just like that, and yes, it's much easier to justify purchasing things when your place is small and the product order quantity is relatively tiny:)