Monday 19 December 2022

House Updates

The ponies are doing just great, but once again we've had frozen ground followed by snow on the ground, so not much has been happening back in Ponyville. I've been working on the house with every spare minute and it's funny looking out the window throughout the day and seeing how seriously those two take their r&r. Shortly after breakfast they seem to collapse in a pile and sleep, then the remainder of the day seems to be one pony sleeping and one supervising the sleeping, interrupted only by lunch and snacks. They keep a pretty intense schedule :)

In the meantime, my hopes of moving to the property this month seem optimistic. 

Current state of the kitchen:

Ha ha just kidding, it looks like this:

Oh no wait, we're here now:

Terrible picture, was getting dark and the dust is crazy from sanding floors. But I thought we might all appreciate the only thing that survived was that red tile we all decided needs updating. The pictures don't make it look too horrible, but the sink was broken and leaking, so the counter rotted through and the cabinets and floor under were/are water damaged too. 

We have a new tub on order so there will be a functional bath on the main floor the first week of January. I put the old fridge from the kitchen in the basement as a 'beer fridge' and am thinking we'll be basement dwellers living out of that and a microwave for a month or two. Basement bath is all planned out but zero start on that...I seriously underestimated the amount of time needing to be spent just cleaning up to get back to a point where we can start painting and installing new things. The downside of renovations vs new build...renos require you to get rid of and tear out so much old first!



  1. Ha! I think the ponies have the right idea. Alternatively Sleeping and eating all day. Hopefully you will get time to do something similar once your house renovation is completed!

  2. That kitchen sounds rough. At least you have a plan going forward and you can pony watch when you're on breaks. It's going to be so cute when it's done and so nice living beside your horses.

    1. So excited to live there, I really love seeing more of their daily interactions and routines. When I show up just for feeding or riding I don't think I'm getting the full picture.

  3. Ah but it's progress and that is exciting.

    1. Part of me is kind of sad at how little we've done in three weeks, the other part of me needs to tell everyone I demo'd a whole kitchen last Friday ;)