Monday 7 November 2022

Insert Title Here

 I've got nothing as far as a title this morning. I hereby present you with a bunch of pictures with captions. 

It's definitely a more pictures, less words kind of morning:

The grass I planted is growing

Sophie's been feeling good!

Sophie's started back with a bit of ground work this week. This is her sad face when asked to 'park'. Standing by herself is the hardest thing ever, but I think one of the things we can practice  that's good for her confidence/ability to think for herself

I planted more hedging

Oh look, the grass I planted over here is growing too :) I asked for a big rock by the ring to use as a mounting block. Machine operator took me seriously and put it upright instead of on it's side as I expected, but sadly it is actually kind of a perfect height for 5'1" me.

I could have written a blog post about how ridiculously territorial and grumpy B has been. But meh, I'm tired of it, we're all tired of it. I think she's even tired of it.  I try to give her a little bit of understanding - it's not like she hasn't told us as best she can she'd rather have the place to herself. One of the things she's most angry about is Sophie being in 'her' house at night. So I've started letting B in during the day. I think you can see she approves of that.

All that's left of a giant pile of brush from land clearing

Queen B surveying her kingdom.

Sophie getting better at parking

But also this moment where she is like "saddle?! what are you?!" It's been a while, Sophie!

But genuinely happy to have diversions. B is not being a very good friend to her and she's a highly sociable pony, so she's very excited when us humans are around to hang out and scratch her ears.

I need to video when I call her to bring her in or out. It's a Disney moment complete with whinnying and cantering up to me.

I have been back riding B, just to get my riding legs back after 6 weeks or so out of the saddle. She's generally in quite a grumbly mood since S came back and that carries over to under saddle. Long time readers will remember the antisocial B who would prefer to just be left alone by the world. She's back, now with a fun added foot stomp when she's displeased  lol.



  1. Yay for everything you planted growing, and for Sophie coming along! Hopefully Bridget comes around to not being an only pony :)

    1. She's so funny. When she was by herself the horses across the street (her old friends where I used to board) would see her and call for her and she would just ignore them. "sorry, been busy, I must have missed your message" lol

  2. Great pictures! Your place and ponies are looking so cute!

    1. It's really coming along! So many more things to do, but the overall picture is starting to come together.

  3. Maybe B is like me and is not happy with winter coming. :)

    1. I have so many ideas about who she'd be as a person - top of the list would be a grumpy homebody who complains about everyone and everything (weather included, lol). Likely online so she doesn't actually have to socialize in real life.

    2. so definitely like me. :)

  4. Bridget may just may be my spirit animal :) Your place is looking AMAZING (and I love the photos of Queen B and her servant Sophie :))

  5. Liked seeing all your photos here! My horse Piper is a resource guarder and not very friendly towards my sweet and social Shiloh. So maybe I can commiserate on that point. But they still do some initial calling for each other if left in the paddock alone when I take the other one out. Sigh.