Monday 10 January 2022

Would You Rather?

After 3 weeks, we've got enough rain in the forecast to melt all the snow (and give us more flooding, but yay?). We very rarely get snow, let alone snow for more than a day or two, so we're not really set up to ride. We're not equipped to handle more than a few days of freezing temps at all really - I've packed an awful lot of water to the barn these past few weeks. Fingers crossed we'll be back on track soon. The horses have had a month off at this point (so much for my annual Christmas break where I make all kinds of training progress!) but again I am grateful to be boarding at my friend's - she's in the same situation and also has a younger horse. We've got a plan together to get back on track just as soon as the last of the ice is gone. That plan might involve longeing very spicy babies for a week or two before braving the saddle ;)

Staying warm in the truck yesterday while the horses ate lunch

So, a big thank you Anxiety At A for the Blog Hop and content inspiration - sharing pictures of the ponies in the snow got old after the first couple of days.

 Spooky or Steady:

Steady. Confident, forward, and steady is where it's at for me. I really dislike spooky.

Had to look long and hard through the archives for a pic of one of mine spooking. Hi Ginger <3

Matchy-Matchy or Mismatched

In between? I'm not a 'look at me' type of person and while I like the look of matchy-matchy on other horses and riders, I'd feel a little self I simply don't have funds to have multiple coordinated outfits for my horses and I. I do like to look somewhat put together so I'm boring and my riding related stuff is normally black, navy, or grey so everything sort of goes together.

A standard ensemble

Tall boots or Half chaps

Tall boots - I only wear them for riding so they last me forever. I just got a winter pair I am in love with, but my old everyday Mountain Horse standbys are still going strong.

New winter boots, I really like! Link here

Indoor or outdoor

Before this epic winter I would have smugly said that where I live I can ride outdoors all year round and I don't need an indoor....ha  ha ha. Still, if I could only have one or the other I think I'd still choose an outdoor with lights.

Bay or chestnut

I'm partial to bay - it's my favorite color. That being said, a nice chestnut is my second favorite!

The original dynamic duo. I have a type.

Hard shell boots or sport medicine boots?

Not a fan of boots in general, but I'd go with hard shell if I really needed something on my horse's legs.

Free Board for a Year or 20k for a shopping spree?

Tough call. Free board would work out about the same value so I might go with that just to not have to pay the bill monthly.

Long or short mane or roached mane?

Short is my preference, followed by roached, then long. Long manes usually look messy to me, and the ones that aren't look too fussy. I'd go roached if I had a horse it suited, short seems to be a safe bet for most horses.

Lazy or hot horse?

I'll give a bit of a non answer here in that someone once told me it's easy to make a lazy horse sharp but difficult to make a hot horse quieter. I've found that to be pretty true so as long as we're talking extremes as in really hot vs really lazy I'll go with the lazy and train in the responsiveness for when I want it, enjoy the portable couch when I don't ;)

Lazy Bridget can be spicy if needed.

Private barn or a boarding barn?

A good full or co-op boarding barn can't be beat. So nice to have other eyes on my horses and to be able to have a day off if I want. That being said I self board here so it's better to just have them at home and save the board money.

Create your dream barn or own your dream horse?

I'm no fun and will go with the barn as it would be the safer investment and likely provide more years of enjoyment. I've learned that my idea of my 'dream horse' changes as I go and with time and effort your average on paper horse or pony can become pretty dreamy.

Roman nose or dished face?

Love a roman nose, but I own two slightly dished face ponies thanks to their welsh ancestry.

Ride an Olympic-level horse or take a lesson with an Olympian?

Been lucky enough to do both at different times, I'd choose the lesson as there's no way I was riding the horses anywhere near their ability. While it was useful to get a better 'feel' of what I needed to be working on, I think a lesson with a talented coach is the better bet for progress.

Own a miniature horse or a donkey?

Barn mini out adventuring with us

Both? If I didn't have neighbours so close I'd go for the donkey for sure. My horses have been stabled with both and I think if they had a choice they'd choose the pony. Somewhere I have cute pics of Bridget ponying the barn mini on adventures, but they're on an SD card somewhere so you'll just have to trust me on that :) The donkeys seem less amenable to adventures, but IMO they're cuter and funnier.


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