Monday 6 December 2021

It Was A Week

 This is my all-things-equine-related thought space, but of course life outside the horses heavily influences progress, perspective, and enjoyment in my hobbies. 

This has been a tough couple of years, and I’m proud that things are coming together regardless of that. Yes, we could be further ahead, yes it would be optimal to have lessons and other equine services available to us more frequently, but we make small gains anyway, and bit by little bit change happens.

This past week was a bit typical. With all the flooding and continued supply chain issues, my husband was laid off his job. Then, this week, they announced they were shutting down permanently (after 100+ years running). He’s fine, he’ll just retire early and maybe do something else for a bit, but it’s a big blow to this community. 

The vet came the following day, but was running late for the ferry so she literally was there for about 5 minutes to pull blood. So no big immediate answers, but then again, I wasn’t expecting any. Do I cross fingers the bloodwork comes back with something? Not sure :) She left me with a sample muscle building supplement to try, and I’m excited to see if it helps. 

Friday, we went to our clinic and Sophie was SPICY. I wasn’t happy with how I rode. I am not used to not having brakes and it seems I haven’t installed them overly well! The temptation to pull back against her was strong. She was fantastic, however, and there was definite progress in all things since our last clinic. Such a good pony and I’m so proud of her. 

To add to the country song theme of this post, look! No tall boots. Lol, the zippers both broke just before my lesson because that’s how the universe works sometimes (or more likely because it was very cold out and the metal was already tired ;)

Just one big spook at that root beer jump standard - she hates it plus it seems to frequently change locations so it’s extra scary :)

Throughout the week, G wasn’t feeling well, and finally on Saturday it was decided he needed to be on Vancouver Island for an emergency procedure. We do have a hospital here, but it’s limited. The reality, though, of having an hour to get from the riding clinic, get the horses sorted, our things packed for overnight, grab G, and try to get to the only available ferry? Then a 90 min sailing with a very ill G before we can even drive to the emergency dept? Such a helpless feeling. That feeling of frustration has already been circling around with trying to get any support for the horses (hay, feed, farrier, vet, saddle fitter, instructors, all come from outside the area) but having minimal medical support for my husband is where I apparently break.

He’s now home and recuperating, but riding time is cancelled for the next few days so I can keep an eye on him. We’ve had snow this morning anyway so I plan to put up some Christmas lights and spend some quality time with G at home. 



  1. Oh my goodness, what an awful week! Glad G is on the mend, but seriously, could life throw you any more curve balls? Crossing my fingers for good news on Sophie.

    1. I know the universe is random, but I can’t help but feel like G and I are currently owed something really unexpectedly good to balance it out a little :) I’m hopeful we’ll get answers re: Sophie soon. Vet encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing so I feel relieved about least I (probably) was on the right track and not making terrible decisions for her :D

  2. Good gravy! I hope G feels better soon and some good things come your way. Sounds very stressful-hopefully things take a turn for the better soon.

  3. hang in there, here's hoping G is feeling back up to snuff asap! :(

  4. Ugh, sorry to hear about your husbands job :(