Monday 1 November 2021

Plans for Remainder of 2021

 It sure feels weird to consider there are only two months left in 2021! It hit home when I signed up for the next monthly clinic and the dates were December ones! What!?

My riding friends are mostly all saying they're going to take a break through all or part of December and January, which I totally get. The weather's iffy, it gets dark so early, and the holidays are a busy time for most.

Pre Halloween ride. The running joke...those who know me know hair and makeup aren't things I do, it's probably an annual thing at this point. To some people's amusement I happened to civilized on the day people would normally dress up, "great costume, barely recognized you..." lol

Anyway, time off sounds nice, but I'm not sure that's a good idea for Sophie. Plus, I guess I'm weird, but often our winters are when I ride the most. I think in summer there are so many other outdoor activities, where in winter it's basically just hiking or riding for me.

Bridget won't have a real 'job' until next spring, so she can keep being trail pony deluxe and official manners enforcer for Sophie until then. 

Best Pony

Sophie, though. I feel like I have so much to do this winter, and we all know how well time off for her goes anyway!

Not in work Winter Sophie = this at Level 100. I top out around Level 2 on my (completely made up) pony sass level chart. 

So, we have continued weekend adventures planned to the club grounds for November.

We have a dressage clinic Dec 3/4.

Oops again on the camera settings. Her trot work, when she is not annoyed by me, is actually quite cute more often than not now. Canter is needing much work, and non grumpy up transitions are a work in progress many days (She puts me on 'ignore', then how DARE I touch her!).

Leg on, ears pinned, mare 'tude flag flying high. We're sure to get great marks ;)

I am finally back on my nice work schedule with free time during the week to ride. I also have 10 days off work at the end of December AND I own a horse trailer now, so the plan is to keep her ticking over all winter (hopefully with a side of progress!)

Plus, let's not forget I have my own place I'm supposed to be working on. With Friend S and I being so happy with the current situation, there's been no pressure to get my place done so I let it slide when the weather was absolutely horrible this fall and the machine we book broke down. What will be, will be, we'll get back at if the ground dries out sufficiently this winter, otherwise we are now looking at spring for arena building and water line installs. I did hear a rumor I am getting a load of flagstones and fir beams delivered as an early Christmas present and I excited to get to work on that.

As always, the big picture plans remain the same. Bridget is booked for breeding next spring, Sophie I would love to get out to do some training level dressage tests and maybe a tiny xc or jumping clinic as our next steps.



  1. If it makes you feel any better, non-grumpy upward canter transitions are something that my 10-year-old mare still struggles with occasionally, even though she successfully showed first level this weekend 😂 excited to see your slow and steady Sophie progress this winter, and how your property comes along!

    1. I suspect the grumpy transitions will be part of my future for a while yet! I'm excited for the property, too, it will be nice to have extra time there to get some work done.

    2. Same. If I'm perfect there's still a bit of attitude but more along the lines of 'well you weren't as terrible as before but I'm keeping my eye on you'.

  2. sounds like a lot of exciting plans!

    1. I seem to be 50/50 on getting them done, but at least the complications keep it interesting :)

  3. Sounds like you have some fun stuff planned for the next few months. Looking forward to updates on all of it! :-)

  4. Good plan! It will feel nice to end 2021 strong