Tuesday 21 September 2021

Still Loving It

 PSA: You're going to get pretty tired of me saying how happy I am to have moved my ponies!

While the people at the other barn were lovely, it's just so cool to be sharing a place with one of my best friends. We grew up riding together and are pretty much on identical wavelengths on all things horses.

Yesterday afternoon's greenery, and B's ears

 I have zero worries about the horses being there. Not that I had huge worries at the other place, but self boarding and not living on site caused me anxiety. There was all the driving and worrying about getting there when I had to work early or late or the weather was bad, plus the unavoidable mix ups and missing things that go along with sharing a common storage space with many people.

Friend S has three horses of her own, lives on site, happily puts out morning hay nets for me (I get to sleep in if I want, for the first time in YEARS. It's weird!) and is out at the barn most of her free time. She's also one of those people who genuinely is happy, positive and motivated most of the time and that's contagious when it comes to smiles as well as riding plans. 

Hiding from the rain

That being said, frustratingly, my pony time was a little restricted this week - winter came out of nowhere and we had winter temperatures and the rainiest days in 3+ years (which is saying something, on the Wet Coast). I also managed to have a surprise health scare and needed a bit of a time out. Fun times! 

Not the exact scenario, but reflective of my medical appts last week ;)

 I still snuck out for a walking only ride on Bridget a couple of times. 

A trustworthy set of ears

At this stage, I'd like to say Sophie is pretty low risk, but she still has moments and it's not overly fair to ask the energetic baby to sedately walk an entire ride because I feel delicate. For the record, she has stepped up and looked after me before, but it requires a lot of try from her.  I like us to be on the same wavelength rather than asking her to accommodate me too many times in a row and risking her getting confused or frustrated about her job. Not to fear though, Sophie still got longed and had a couple of days of pasture turnout. We've got some upcoming clinics booked to keep us motivated too.

I need to get video. Because she's the actual cutest, she comes running in to say hi and tell me about her day the first time spots me or my truck anywhere. Bridget just gives the horsey equivalent of a casual wave from her pasture buffet ;)

We got a little bit of work done on my property this week, mostly just G brush cutting and mowing and me making plans for further improvements. I don't want to get my hopes up, but we saw the tenant packing boxes yesterday...maybe we'll move ourselves in too, sooner than we had planned? No plans to evict anyone since the rental market here is absolutely brutal and we'd feel terrible making someone homeless, but maybe packing boxes = alternate plans on the horizon? :)

B enjoying the all you can eat buffet - photo of her acknowledging my presence courtesy of a zoom lens, lol



  1. It’s nice when you can enjoy where you are. Bridget is the best and I think you’re wise to not make Sophie do too much. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I'm really glad you made this move, your happiness is shining through your words.