Thursday 12 August 2021

Long Weekends Part 2

 I’m so grateful to Previous Me for scheduling so much vacation time this summer. I’ve been off work again this week, enjoying the sunshine and plenty of pony time - definitely living the good life! . 

Sophie’s been hitting the trails more often than not - it’s just been so easy now that she’s so much more predictable in traffic. It’s also helped that I’m able to just hop on without longeing most days. I’ve got some thoughts brewing about why she’s so much easier these days - it’s definitely a summer vs winter thing, so I’m going to have to brainstorm ideas of how to carry this happy, easier version of S over into winter.

They love their forest paddock.

I’ve checked in with her in the ring as well, but it’s the same old basic things...going forward immediately is sometimes an issue, going forward and not being a llama also something we continue with. The forward thing is on me, when she was hot and bolt-y this past winter I was definitely shutting that down, the llama moments are just strength and balance. Progress is being made, we had a few up and down transitions last night that were lovely and balanced.

Throwback to Winter 2021 Sophie. Was “fun” to ride.

I continue to follow EC’s advice and am focusing on building up her strength and topline with lots of easy walking miles on a light contact too.

B striking a pose

I’ve started reaching out to get Sophie her “grown up” saddle. I’m hoping the County Epiphany model I tried and loved can be fitted to her. Ongoing saddle compromises haven’t been helping either of us out and I’m just feeling done with it. As with all things here, there will be travel involved to get to the fitter so I suspect this will be a longer than average process to coordinate. I joke that once it’s done it means Sophie is staying forever, but it’s kind of true...the saddle costs more than she did, lol.

Speaking of travel...surprise!...we’re off to pony camp for adults this weekend. There’s a group of us heading over to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island first thing tomorrow morning and we have lots of fun things planned, including daily lessons, of course! I’m taking Bridget and Sophie and planning to camp too, so I’m pretty excited.