Thursday 6 May 2021

Vet Time, Foal Updates?

Both girls had their annual vet checkups yesterday. Vaccines and teeth for both, and for Bridget, a repro exam.

Sophie was (of course) uber dramatic about needles and stranger danger, but her teeth were not bad at all and her appointment went very quickly.

Bridget got a bigger dose of sleepy meds and I felt a little like a dummy when the vet asked me what her cycle is like and I was basically "???? Bridget's very very low key."  I've maybe noticed her in heat twice in the years I've owned her. The usual triggers like going to shows or stabling with new geldings don't really apply and the couple of times I've noticed was basically just her being a tiny bit friendlier to her neighbour. (Normally she doesn't like anyone.) I'm glad I professed ignorance because she's actually in heat right now. She got her exam and checks out fine for breeding, which is great news.

Sleeping the day away

The catch? I'm feeling pessimistic about trying to make it happen this year. We're in Covid restrictions again and non essential travel to the Island (where I need to take her to the vet) is not currently permitted. Also, there's only one flight a day coming in (at midnight, of course, from Calgary rather than Vancouver) so shipping times from most any place outside the immediate area are 24 hr plus right now. 'Taking my horse to the vet' is fine as a reason to travel across provincial health boundaries (the vet will write me a letter confirming appt), but meh, it sure seems a lot privileged to claim special treatment for taking my horse to make a baby horse :) Plus, will we even be able to ship semen in a reasonable time frame?

Sadly, Bridget was still voted 'too fat' at her appointment and needs to stay on her diet. She has feelings about diet jail and would love the opportunity to eat for two.

This field is tempting her, just over her back fence line. I'll have to let her hand graze a little after work - it's just too cruel not to.

I'll probably wait and see if the restrictions are lifted later in the month. I'll chat with the vet and the breeder. I think there are a few options - 

- Go ahead and try in 3 weeks (I worry about the shipping times and ferry travel)

- Wait 6 weeks (limits the amount we can try or risk foal arriving later than ideal, plus travel/flight limitations may still be a thing anyway).

- Wait until next year. (I have a 3 year contract, at least)

- Change up the game plan completely and go with a different stallion more local to us this year. (Not likely, I will wait for the one I chose - I might want but I don't need multiple Bridget foals ;)

- My husband's choice: Just buy a freakin' Welsh D foal and be done with it :). I'm not sure this is super realistic - there's a reason I decided to breed  B. I obsess over the Castleberry Cobs page, but the transport, duties, etc to import one from the US is just too much (ask me how I know - lol Sophie's price doubled by the time I got her home. I could have flown and imported from Europe for not too much more). I haven't seen much in the way of Canadian bred ones lately, and B was the last of her breeder's program. 

Sorry if this is kind of a downer post - I think what it all boils down to is that I need to wait and see how things shake out but I'm feeling impatient and wanting to get things going NOW. I'm going to go take out those feelings on further barn and property improvements this weekend  :)

I painted and drove to the barn to hang those signs the same day they arrived - I couldn't wait. I'm like a little kid as far as excitement levels over this project.



  1. There is a girl with a Welsh Cob breeding program in Canada whose herdsires are both Castleberry Cobs (one is my new baby's half bro, actually), and she has several Quillane Cobs in her program as well. I think she's in Ontario so it's still nowhere near you but at least she's on the right side of the border. With any luck, she'll be bringing one home from the US in October. If that helps at all, I can put you in contact.

    1. Ontario is doable! Would love to get in touch! Thank you! projectgingersnap at gmail dot com, or messages via RaincoastRider instagram work too :)

    2. I was actually going to say the same thing, that there is a lady with some Castleberry Cobs in Canada. I wasn't sure where she was though.

      I too keep an eye on the Castleberry foals. Apparently once you own a Cob it's hard to go back.

  2. Glad that the girls are good. COVID is interfering with everything.

  3. I don't blame you for wanting to get started asap. Breeding is, um, a long process lol

  4. That is awesome! So glad the initial appointment went well - a friend of mine (I'll ask her to chime in) started a beginner's breeding group on Facebook and it has a lot of great information (especially about ordering *pony juice* from outside of/ in Canada and what kind of delays to expect)

  5. Sounds very complicated with the current situation. It's so expensive shipping semen when all situations are ideal and then unexpected delays just make it so much worse.

  6. ugh ugh ugh. I am almost thinking the same go buy one if you can but but OMG would love to see Bridget foal.

    I just joined the Castleberry Page on facebook (DARN YOU JEN DANGLING THOSE CUTE COB BABIES IN FRONT OF US ON YOUR BLOG HA). I think they are just so stinking cute.

    I hope you figure out something. Who was the stallion you were breeding her to again??

  7. I'm glad her repro exam went well but like if you are already in for 1 bridget foal why not more? lol