Monday 21 December 2020

Blog Hop: 2020 Summary; Covid Edition

 Sitting here on a very dark and wet Monday morning, it's hard to feel overly inspired by much of anything. So, HUGE shout out to Alaina at Alberta Equest for for giving those of us feeling the grind of short winter days the gift of a year end blog hop!

What's the Best Thing That Happened To You in 2020?

Personal: My quality of life and work/life balance are amazing now. I was away from home 3+ days a week working for years, and not even living in the same province for yours before that, so working from home and being able to have a normal schedule where I can self board, go for walks at lunch, have dinner with my husband is so wonderful.

Lots of long beach walks and sunsets together this summer, too, like something from a cheesy dating profile ;)

Horsey: Sophie got going under saddle and it's safe to say I enjoy riding her most days (always the risk when you buy a baby - it's not like you can hop on and have a test ride!)

Not sure Sophie thought starting her was my best idea, though ;)

What's The Worst Thing That Happened To You in 2020?

Personal: I got so depressed last summer/fall and feel like I let some people down when I just couldn't follow through on commitments and said some things I shouldn't have. 

Horsey: Bridget having trouble with heaves/allergies again, loose dogs biting them both. Falling off and getting a (totally preventable) concussion.

What Was Your Biggest Purchase in 2020?

Personal: My husband was laid off in March so it's been a bit different here spending wise. We own rental houses so I suspect our 'big' purchases probably are boring things like having a gas fireplace replaced or a new washing machine. Yay!

Horsey: Again, for the most part a pretty austere budget. With hay at $700/ton that's the obvious winner, but I did buy some things on Black Friday sales - new helmets x2, 'fancy' stirrups and leathers, new riding tights, and hoof boots for Sophie come to mind.

I caved to the trend and bought a budget version and yes, these do make a noticeable difference to how secure I feel in my jump saddle.

What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment in 2020?

Personal: A new job offer and negotiating better terms with my existing one. Putting myself out there is not my comfort zone, so that was actually a big accomplishment for me.

Horsey: Pushing through the confidence issues and backing my baby horse myself - again maybe not a big deal for some, but for me, in this year, keeping positive and consistent enough to make any progress involved a lot of dedication and resolve.

What Do you Feel Covid Robbed You Of in 2020?

Personal: I guess the obvious things like vacations away from home, some events and social gatherings I normally look forward to.

Horsey: Vets were only doing emergency calls last spring, so no 2021 Bridget foal. Also, no horse shows and the fun clinics I sign up for had to be scaled back to private lessons.

Were You Subject To Any Covid Impulse Buys in 2020?

Personal: 'Lake Bridget'. How could I not?

Horsey: I needed a new helmet and totally ordered an extra in addition to the MIPS one I really wanted. It's not overly spendy, but it's a special edition one from a youtube vlogger who's average audience age is, much less than mine. And when, exactly, am I planning to go cross country again? But it's cute color scheme and cover makes me smile, so in the cart it went.

And I'm going to add one more:

Unexpected Silver Linings in 2020?

Personal: Me working from home and my husband being laid off has been super fun. He's been working shiftwork where he alternates days and nights each week for 30+ years so it's pretty cool to have time together and be awake at the same time :D

Horsey: The non essential travel ban meant I had to get outside my comfort zone with Sophie - no sending her away for training, and far fewer lessons than I would have wanted. It's given me a lot more self belief and problem solving skills. Not breeding B gave me another year to think on it and I found a stallion I'm pretty excited about for 2021.



  1. I'm so glad 2020 has been so good to you on the work/home with husband/getting to start Sophie front! :)

    1. 2020 has been very kind to me - I am trying to pay it forward, I know so many don't have my luck or circumstance.

  2. I love the silver linings. There were plenty of those in 2020!

    1. Such a garbage year that I feel guilty sitting over here grateful for my luck, but I think you've got to grab the positives where you see them.

  3. Sounds like, even though it didn't go as planned, it was a fabulous year nonetheless! Thanks for participating, and love the addition! Funnily enough after I posted it I thought of adding a "What did 2020 teach you", but I saw people were already doing the blog hop so I didn't want to confuse anyone!

    1. I'm just so lucky that (so far) the pandemic has only brought me relatively minor inconveniences and some positive change.

  4. I love that you and your SO got so much quality time together this year. What a wonderful gift!

  5. So glad you've been able to make some changes that increase your happiness, and it sounds like the year is ending on a fairly positive note for you! You have made so much progress with Sophie this year, you should be very proud of that!

  6. Here's to quality of life changes for the better! Glad you had some good things this year and can't wait to hear about Bridget's future boyfriend!

  7. Hopefully 2021 is better for all of us