Thursday 22 October 2020

Learning By Doing

I may have mentioned in my last post how excited I was to quit my second job. As of last weekend, I worked my final shift and my last week of working 8 days a week. I'm going from 2 - 4 day a week jobs, (overlapping on one day a week - Thursdays were FUN, guys) to just the one, so not only do I get days off again, I get long weekends every week. While my finances will take a hit, my quality of life will be back to a 5* rating. Just not being tired all the time makes a world of difference in my outlook and energy levels.

I've been decompressing a little this week and spending time with my husband so I don't have any exciting riding progress to share with you all. 

I did manage to get my winter feeding and hay organized. It's probably overkill considering I own a Bridget who would likely thrive after the apocalypse, and a Sophie who's not overly fussy or complicated, but I like to sit down in the fall and look at the nutritional analysis for my winter hay and what's available  to fill any gaps.  Luckily, I got my questions easily sorted out with a chat with the vet who recommended the vitamin/mineral blend I already feed them. Easy peasy!

Thriving on weeds, a handful of hay, and a scoop of balancer. 

I recently impulse bought a pair of pretty blue stirrups and they arrived in the mail yesterday. Because...I don't know why. It's highly unlike me to impulse buy anything, especially something I don't need. But they were calling my name and on a super sale, and I was stressed and weak. They make me happy, maybe sometimes that's a good enough reason to spend $150.

Guess I have to start jumping again? :D

The delivery man also brought my first pair of clippers! I've previously paid to have my horses clipped when necessary, but there is no one here currently offering that service. Plus, it can't be so hard?


I'm on the fence about bothering to try to fix it. It's going to annoy me forever, but it's functional, and busy pony doesn't ever truly stand still. She's smart enough to know she'll get in trouble if she moves her feet around or moves into me while I'm there, but there are a million other ways a pony can fidget...the lead rope quickly becomes fascinating to twirl and catch, the barn needs to be licked...  So, maybe we just call it good enough considering it was the first clip for both of us.

Mud monster

In related antsy pony news, I had  a super busy day at work on Tuesday and so my wonderful husband offered to hold Sophie for the farrier. I don't know whether to laugh or cry because she was a complete jerk for my husband and despite me leaving her haltered in the round pen, no one could catch her. I guess now she looks positively angelic with me, lol. 

It's honestly a bit of a struggle some days. I know most barns and riders would find her pretty easy to deal with, but there are a lot of people newer to horses and/or casual riders here so she's got a bit of a bad, wild child label. I get a lot of unhelpful/hurtful commentary and opinions at times. 

B’s gone wild too!

Anyway, she'll be back to light work starting this weekend and I've got a plan to scale it up a bit for winter so she'll have a bit more to occupy her days. We'll probably all be happier with that.



  1. Cute pics! I think the clip looks fine-as you say functional.

    1. Hopefully practice will make perfect one day. For now, at least we'll have a clean, dry pony after
      most rides!

  2. The clip looks fine to me. Sophie will grow up eventually- just keep working with her.

    1. She's grown up so much already. I think the main problem is that I think she's doing really great for an energetic young horse, so I get offended when people get passive aggressive mean about her not being perfect every day. We live in the land of dead quiet 3 year old quarter horses, so I suspect we'll always be the square pegs ;)

  3. The clip looks totally fine! Her dapples draw the eye away from the mistakes! (Not that I see any mistakes, really, it's fine!)

    1. I have no idea why I am such a perfectionist when it comes to grooming. It really is fine and time I will use chalk to draw out the lines first though :D Now that I've experienced clipping them, I'm cringing at myself now for feeling critical of the pro clip job they got last year LOL

  4. I have those stirrups and you're going to freaking LOVE them

  5. I think your clip job looks just fine & functional. I clip my horse in a similar fashion. I am not wanting to win a beauty contest. I just do not want to be waiting at the barn hours for my mare to dry.
    I understand your frustration at the attitudes of others towards your horse. I have experienced it myself with a gelding I used to lease. It got to the point that others at the barn started labelling him and his paddock mates as "the bad" horses. No, none of them were bad. They just weren't the dead broke school horses the student barn workers were used to handling. My advice is to ignore those people. Their opinions are not worth bothering yourself about.

  6. agree the clip job is fine and she is the cutest even if she is bad sometimes. Same Bridget is the cutest too :) Glad you got your life back a bit!! (Sorry playing catch up on blogs!)