Wednesday 2 September 2020

She’s Special - Part 2

 So, I think I mentioned that prior to going on her disinfectant drinking binge, Sophie was once again a bad kid for the farrier. 

I’m kind of getting used to my role of ignorant, repentant, owner -  “Oh goodness, I’m sorry, she’s been so good until now! She never does that with me! I promise I pick her feet up every day...really, normally she’s a good girl. She’s really growing up, she’s so much more mature now. She used to threaten to kick, but it’s been a year or more. She never kicks now..I’m so sorry she tried it with you” (All true in my reality, but pony is a for letter word, so I conceded perhaps it’s just this farrier she tries to kick. Otherwise, she’s an angel ;)

That night, Four Letter Word Pony (future show name?) somehow ended up outside the pasture and roaming the farm. No real idea how she did it, besides the fact it must have been sneaky acrobatic or a narrow escape route because Bridget was still in their field, all alone .

Looking all innocent locked in Pony Jail

Pony was none the worse for wear besides some pretty large chunks missing out of her back feet. Luckily, farrier was in town one more day and was able to do some repairs. 

The verdict? Looks a whole lot like she tore her back feet up running around like an idiot...and kicking things. Ponies. Making me look stupid since...forever?

...finally, a Tuesday dinner time update...when I got out of my truck wondering who's palomino was wandering around the bottom of the farm. 

Oh hi, Sophie. 

Love that she was all casual and came to find me. The one good thing about the trouble Sophie inevitably seems to get herself in is that she's pretty unworried or excited by it.

The gate on the round pen was unchained and I know I double checked it in the morning. Farm owner has zero tolerance for loose horses so I get an earful every time and Sophie goes to Pony Jail (and I understand why!) but I'm paranoid myself about checking Sophie's fencing and gates...I'm not a fan of freely roaming ponies either. 

Scene of the second crime

I'm 99% sure Sophie's figured out how to open the gate anyway. I've now added a lead rope tying it all shut, fingers crossed that's the ticket to keeping her where I put her.

A tired pony is a good pony, unfortunately I've been a little too busy lately and she's had a few days off. I should know by now that giving her days off just means more work for me when she finds creative ways to spend her time.