Monday 17 February 2020


I had such a great long weekend. It just got better and better as it went. I'm going to be pretty sad to hop back on the ferry for work - I have to go straight to Vancouver this week for work which isn't my favorite thing. I love the city itself, but the logistics of getting myself around and to meetings on time are a little outside my comfort zone. I like the "slow coast" lifestyle we lead here a little better ;)

Speaking of my comfort with things moving a little more slowly, this week Sophie has been absolutely full of energy and pushing all the boundaries.

So fancy.
Then, when I get on, she's a perfect angel toodling around. Maybe a little too much so as trot is still very sticky - rushing and stopping, but I'm promising myself not to worry too much. Every day she's more forward and free in the walk and I'm hopeful a nice relaxed trot will come. I'm feeling less and less like I'm sitting on a keg of dynamite and more and more she feels checked in and thinking rather than wanting to be distracted by every little thing. It's tiny baby steps all the way so everyone (including me) is having a positive and fun experience.

Look, we can turn! :)
I don't feel like I've quite figured her out yet. She is often holding a lot of tension and I'm not sure why. We do a lot of bending and stretching (what she knows how to do so far, anyway) in walk and I feel like that's helping. We are moving at a snail's pace, but given I honestly feel a bit big on her and she's quite immature for her age, I don't think it's hurting anything to stick to very short walk/trot rides. She may be the type that settles in and is happier once she knows enough and is strong enough to be given proper work to keep the excess thinking at bay? I hope so :)

She is SO hairy though, omg

In very exciting news, I do think I'm going to make an effort to have Bridget bred this year. There are two potential baby daddies, both reg'd Welsh D. (I'd like to try welsh/warmblood but I'm totally inexperienced and also have no clue what B will pass on, so it seems safer to cross like to like). I'm having a vet visit next month to discuss logistics and realities surrounding that. I feel anxious and 'not ready' but B is 11 this year and if this is happening, the time is now. It sounds terrible considering I am lucky to have Bridget and Sophie, but my dream pony really is just a slightly more athletic version of Bridget. I have zero regrets purchasing Sophie and she's fantastic in her own right, but I guess I do love my sturdy Welsh Cobs. I've got a local horsey acquaintance who is breeding as well, so if it works out we'd be able to share some costs (and questions and worry;) I'll obviously keep you updated on what I learn and how this all plays out. Right now it's far from guaranteed there'll be a foal on the horizon, but I'm going to seriously consider the option and am open to sharing whatever decisions and results come from chatting with the vet and breeders.

Bridget and I had some nice neighbourhood trail rides this week, although my near miss of the winter surprisingly came from her teleporting across the road on Saturday...thank goodness for silicone full seats, lol



  1. Gah S is so adorable!

  2. Tell us about the baby daddies!

  3. glad it was such an awesome weekend!! and hopefully Vancouver ends up being a good time too ;)

    fwiw, i don't know much about breeding but i think it's reasonably safe to breed a maiden mare up through like 15 or 16. so the time doesn't have to be "now" if you're not entirely sure. tho my feelings on this subject are colored a bit by not fully understanding the allure of producing baby horses haha, esp when there are so so so SO many good useful capable horses on the ground today who need good homes. if bridget isn't the riding horse you want today, in her prime at 11 (she's the same age as charlie!), it seems like a risky bet to expect her to produce something very different. again tho, everyone's goals are a little different. my goals revolve around the riding i can do today, rather than what might happen five years from now -- so obvi that affects how i view the idea of breeding a riding horse for down the road haha.

  4. Ooohhh I wanna hear more about potential baby daddies! How exciting! I dreamed of breeding Q for awhile, too. But the realization that I really can't take on a 4th horse and she's getting up there for a maiden mare put the kabosh on that dream - and that's okay! I cannot wait to hear more about your pursuit with Bridget. I hope you get your dream pony out of her <3